Now Available on Envato Elements: Unlimited Stock Photos

Welcome to unlimited stock photos on ThemeKeeper Elements!

Now Available on Envato Elements: Unlimited Stock Photos

If you’re already an Elements subscriber, you’ll now see that, along with all the graphics, fonts, web templates, 3D models and everything else you’ve been used to downloading, you have unlimited access to over 240,000 high-quality stock images. Enjoy!

If you’re not an Elements subscriber, here’s how it works. For a single monthly subscription of US$29, you get unlimited downloads from a broad and highlycurated selection of:

  • graphics (vectors, icons, patterns, textures, illustrations and more)
  • add-ons (think Photoshop and Illustrator actions, Lightroom presets, etc.)
  • fonts
  • graphic templates (logos, infographics, product mockups, etc.)
  • presentation templates (Keynote and PowerPoint)
  • web templates (landing pages, fullwebsites, email newsletters, etc.)
  • CMS templates (Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, and a lotmore)
  • 3D models

Oh, and you also get free access to over 1,000 courses and 170 eBooks here on ThemeKeeper Tuts+, as well as free AND CO membership to help you with invoicing and contracts.

And because all of that just wasn’t enough, now you get almost a quarter of a million stock photos too.

Now Available on Envato Elements: Unlimited Stock Photos

Why ThemeKeeper Elements?

Of course, there are loads of stock photo sites out there already, both free and paid. So why should youbother with ThemeKeeper Elements? Here are a few reasons:

1. Get Premium Quality

On some otherstock photo sites, the emphasis is on quantity: thousands of people uploading millions of images, with little quality control. On ThemeKeeper Elements, the collection is carefully curated to make sure you have access to the very best images, without having to wade through tons of mediocre ones.

Now Available on Envato Elements: Unlimited Stock Photos

2. Get Broad Commercial Rights

No matter whetheryou’re using photos for a website, an artwork, a client project or a professional document, you need to know that you have the right to use those images and won’t get sued for copyright infringement. All the items on ThemeKeeper Elements come witha simple, easy-to-understand commercial license, so that you can use them in your projects with confidence—and without having to squint ata massof small print.

Now Available on Envato Elements: Unlimited Stock Photos

3. Find Exactly What You Need

Elements offerssome useful filters to help you find what you need quickly and effectively. You can search by subject, of course, but you can also filter for image orientation (landscape, portrait, or square) and for the predominant colours in the image. So you can find images that not only convey the right message, but also fit seamlessly with your overall design.

Now Available on Envato Elements: Unlimited Stock Photos

4. Get a Lot of Other Stuff Too

As I mentioned above, you get a ton of other useful things bundled with an Elements subscription. There are no usage limits, no credits to keep track of. You just use as many photos, templates, fonts and graphics as you need for the projects you’re working on. So whether you’re a web designer, a developer, an artist a businessperson or a freelancer in a number of creative fields, you’ll be able to get good value out of an Elements subscription.

Now Available on Envato Elements: Unlimited Stock Photos

What to Do Next

To learn more about the new selection of photos, headover to ThemeKeeper Elements. You can browse the full selection of items even if you don’t havean account, so take a look around to get an idea of what’s on offer and decide whether it would be useful for you.

Keep in mind that ThemeKeeper Elements is expanding all the time, both in terms of the number of categories being offered and the number of items in each category. So this is a subscription that’s only going to get more valuable over time.