Art for All: Celebrate Diversity in Design—Volume 12

Welcome back to our Diversity in Design series on ThemeKeeper Tuts+. Discover four talented artists with inspiring styles you’ll love.

Art for All: Celebrate Diversity in Design—Volume 12

4 Artists You Should Know: Diversity in Design

Celebrate the work of these extraordinary artists. Each with their own unique background, they draw inspiration from their culture and surroundings to create phenomenal designs.

Hernán Ramos

Our first artist is Hernán, a brilliant illustrator from Guatemala City. Inspired by a love of music, he creates epic band covers and art festival posters.

See more in his portfolio and follow him on Instagram.

Los Viajes de Rut

My name is Hernan Ramos and I’m an illustrator, musician and father of a beautiful five year old girl. In my
free time I work in publicity as an Art Director in one of the most
prestigious and creative networks in the world.


Rock & Tees Fest

Thanks to the influences that I inherited from my mother, I always felt passionate about music and art. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always
had colored pencils to create new things, which lead me to study Graphic Design. As years went by, I became more interested in it and paid more
attention to every artistic expression.


Dinosaur 88


Santas Quejas

As a musician, I have a sense of peacefulness when I’m on stage,
but this kind of feeling is only complemented when I get the chance to
illustrate anything that has to do with music.

I like every
art expression by itself. Some of the artists
that inspire me would be Mcbess, Eduardo Salles, and many artists on my Behance and Instagram feed.


Nageen Asif

Nageen is a talented graphic designer from Pakistan. Featuring amazing digital illustrations made with Adobe Photoshop, her work for the game industry is vibrant and fun.

See more in her portfolio and follow her on Instagram.

Top Chef Restaurant – Game Design

I started working as a
freelance artist when I was in college. I wanted
to learn things on my own as fast as I could and took on many challenges
while working with different clients around the world. This allowed me
to stand out among other classmates so I became the silver medal
holder in my class before graduation.


Game Design

My major interests are in digital painting,
so I experiment and work in different art styles for 2D mobile games,
book covers, book illustrations, and various graphics.


Top Chef Restaurant – Game Design


Rose Flower

worked with a gaming studio on a few games. So now I’m working again as a
freelance artist with clients from all over the world. I believe it’s better to
broaden one’s vision as we come to know the market trends around
the globe.


Julian de la Mota

Julian is an exceptional illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Step into his world of highly detailed fine art imagery that is truly captivating and alluring.

See more in his portfolio and follow him on Instagram.


I work as a teacher in my
city. I studied fine arts at UNA and create my
artworks in pencil and sometimes in ink. I like to paint too, but mostly with
oil techniques.


Truco Card

My work is an introspective kind of thought process about language and body. I use the pictures inside me, which are images of a cultural story, and then develop a way of modulating the figure,
places, volume, and light using some knowledge about form.

The stories behind my
work are in everyday moments. I like miniature worlds and the
mythology of things that are not
being watched but are very common. I like to think about the nearest thing
and then deepen it. Those are the
places where I belong.


Sketch for Students


Ser Mítico Autopoético

In the beginning, I studied
Leonardo da Vinci’s and Michelangelo’s studies when I was a teenager. Later I received a lot more influence from art of the 20th century and contemporary art.


Sundas Jabeen

Our final artist is Sundas from Lahore, Pakistan. Bursting with energy and color, her fun 2D characters pop off the screen from exciting worlds. Check out her work!

See more in her portfolio.

Feature Graphics

Drawing has always been a passion of mine
ever since I could remember. It took a while for me to adapt this
passion professionally, but since 2010 I have been working really hard
to learn new styles and techniques. Character
design, concept art, and super-hero illustrations in general make
up the bulk of my work.


Game Screenshots

I’ve seen famous artists being so humble and generous about their
work and was very touched to see artists being so supportive and nice. This is my
inspiration—to work as hard as possible, and to be kind and always open to healthy criticism.


Game Assets – Dragon Eggs


Game Screenshots

I religiously follow Tim Burton’s work. I don’t follow that style in my work now because I am currently
experimenting with my color palettes, but I look forward
to Tim Burton’s work and somehow it reflects in my art too. I also love Derek Laufman’s work, he is an awesome comic artist. I
follow his color palettes because he uses very fresh colors, but in a very
simple way.


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I’d like to extend a warm thank you to all the artists who participated in this feature. Feel free to see more of their work in the links below: