Stock music soundtrack: upbeat, happy audio tracks

The music you choose to use can make or break your project, be it an ad, short film or corporate presentation.
Nothing sets the mood better than the right piece of music, and studies have repeatedly shown that music can change our mood and give us pleasure.

Stock music soundtrack: upbeat, happy audio tracks

Stock music soundtrack: upbeat, happy audio tracks

The right notes can make the brain release dopamine, which helps control its reward and pleasure centres, helping make us happy and balance our emotions.

These stories include one published in Science Direct where those exposed to music on a daily basis compared to a control group saw significantly less pain and depressive symptoms.

Another study conducted on individuals undergoing spinal surgery found that those that listened to music regularly experienced “significantly less pain” than those that didn’t.

The power of music has been proved time and time again, but if you can’t afford the latest Taylor Swift single (let’s face it, who can?), there’s always some trusty stock music to save the day and put a smile on your viewers.

We searched through AudioJungle to find the best and brightest pieces of stock music.

The Happy Upbeat (2:22)

The pounding beat will get your heart going while the uplifting acoustic guitar will get your smile going.

It all comes together in the song, with the simple but joyful tune surging through you, making it quite hard to stop yourself from clapping along.

Whistling (1:57)

The best sign of a good mood is the increasing inability to stop whistling to yourself, and this piece of stock music will have you doing just that for days.

With the frenetic guitar opening giving way to cheerful whistling, this track by Arkan_Music will uplift any creative project.

Happy Upbeat (2:15)

This one’s “perfect for all kinds of media projects”, from a quick TV ad to a full length movie, and provides the ideal background, daydreaming soundtrack. Equal parts motivational and gleeful, this one will inspire all audiences.

Happy Jazz (Music kit)

For this looking for happy stock music with a bit of attitude, this one will fit right in. With a bit of whistling thrown in for good measure, this light and bouncy tune is perfect for that quirky creative endeavour that isn’t too serious.

Uplifting (2:22)

Sometimes being happy is just about being relaxed and destressed, and this one by PonyMusic will help anyone reach that pinnacle.

It’s easy and relaxing, letting the listener slowly meander through the serene melody.

Motivational Kit (Music kit)

The real star of this happy song is the sliding, slick guitar that leads the way.

Created by KornevMusic, this music kit will give you the power to bend and mould the various notes to your heart’s desire, making it just right for your presentation.

Comedy Kit (Music kit)

This one’s a bit slower and more reflective than the rest, but it’s still ultimately happy and uplifting.

Be Happy (2:30)

With bright bells, piano, ukulele and a rambunctious, catchy riff, this one would be home in any Hollywood rom-com or Top 40 radio station.

But it can just as easily feature in your latest project and put a smile on the viewer’s face in second.

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