v1.6.1.6 Leo Electronics Prestashop Theme

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Leo Electronics v1.6.1.6 – Prestashop Theme

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Leo Electronics is extremely powerful Prestashop theme, could be used not only for small stores but also as a fully professional e-commerce site solution. Neat and clean design bring a bright layout for any kind of shop with stylish design and powerful back-office.


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Version: v1.6.1.6
Created: 23 January 2014
Last Update: 13 July 2016
Author: leo-theme

Leo Electronics Prestashop Theme

Leo Electronics is extremely powerful Prestashop theme, could be used not only for small stores but also as a fully professional e-commerce site solution. Neat and clean design bring a bright layout for any kind of shop with stylish design and powerful back-office. This template is fully functioned and provides an unlimited style variation. Its design is perfect for Mobile store , Hi-tech shop, Electronic store, Tool shop, Accessorize shop …

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Template Features

  • Compatible with Prestashop 1.5.4, Prestashop 1.5.5, Prestashop 1.5.6, Prestashop, Prestashop 1.6.x
  • Integrate Bootstrap – sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development
  • Support HTML5 and CSS3
  • Support multiple Hook Modules, Visual drag and drop tool to update positions and order of modules
  • Support Responsive Design, this feature can be turned on or turned off in theme control back-end.
  • Support Google Fonts
  • 2 colors Themes available by default: darkcyan and purple
  • Multiple layouts for flexible content displaying, customizing layouts with visual layout configuration feature (drag and drop feature)
  • Clean Code and easy to customize
  • Multiples module suffix’s build-in template for module styling.
  • Color, template width changing via the Leo Theme Control Panel Module
  • Native language file translation.
  • Impressive built-in content style.
  • Optimize CSS that will join and optimize CSS while reducing the number of CSS files and make your site load fater.
  • W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS Valid.
  • Support all modern, standard-compliant browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome) and IE 8, 9.

Flexible Layouts

Leo Electronics Prestashop Theme

Great Layout Concept

Leo Electronics Prestashop Theme

Leo Theme Control Panel

Leo Electronics Prestashop Theme

Leo Advance Footer Module

Leo Electronics Prestashop Theme

Support Ways

If you have any question please contact me via contact form on themeforest profile page.

Change log:


****** File tpl ****
- shopping-cart-advanced.tpl
- discount.tpl
- modulesloyaltyviewstemplatesfrontloyalty.tpl
- modulesblockwishlistblockwishlist-extra.tpl
- modulesblockwishlistblockwishlist_button.tpl
- modulesblockwishlistblockwishlist.tpl
- modulesblockwishlistviewstemplatesfrontview.tpl
- modulesblockwishlistviewstemplatesfrontmywishlist.tpl
- modulesblockwishlistviewstemplatesfrontmanagewishlist.tpl



(#) cssautoloaduniform.default.css
(#) cssfont-awesomefont-awesome-ie7.css
(#) cssmodulesblockcartblockcart.css
(#) cssmoduleshomesliderhomeslider.css
(#) cssmodulesleobootstrapmenumegamenu.css
(#) cssmodulesleosliderlayercsstypo.css
(#) cssmodulesproductscategorycssproductscategory.css
(#) cssbootstrap.css
(#) cssbootstrap-rtl.css
(#) csscomparator.css
(#) cssglobal.css
(#) cssnon-responsive.css
(#) csspaneltool.css
(#) cssproduct.css
(#) cssproduct_list.css
(#) cssresponsive.css
(#) cssrtl.css

(#) developmentcustomizethemeeditor.xml

(#) infopaneltool.tpl

(#) jsauthentication.js
(#) jscart-summary.js
(#) jscategory.js
(#) jscms.js
(#) jscontact-form.js
(#) jsglobal.js
(#) jshistory.js
(#) jsindex.js
(#) jsorder-address.js
(#) jsorder-carrier.js
(#) jsorder-opc.js
(#) jsautoload15-jquery.uniform-modified.js
(#) jsmodulesblockcartajax-cart.js
(#) jsmodulesblocklayeredblocklayered.js
(#) jsmodulesblocknewsletterblocknewsletter.js
(#) jsmodulesblocksearchblocksearch.js
(#) jsmodulesblocktopmenujsblocktopmenu.js
(#) jsmodulesblockwishlistjsajax-wishlist.js
(#) jstoolsstatesManagement.js
(#) jstoolstreeManagement.js
(#) jstoolsvatManagement.js
(#) jsproduct.js
(#) jsproducts-comparison.js
(#) jsscenes.js
(#) jsstores.js 

(#) layoutdefaultfooter.tpl
(#) layoutdefaultheader.tpl
(#) layoutsetting.tpl

(#) modulesblockcartblockcart.tpl
(#) modulesblocklayeredblocklayered.tpl
(#) modulesblocksearchblocksearch.tpl
(#) modulesblockwishlistblockwishlist-extra.tpl

(#) address.tpl
(#) footer.tpl
(#) global.tpl
(#) header.tpl
(#) nbr-product-page.tpl
(#) product-item.tpl
(#) products-comparison.tpl
High Resolution


Compatible Browsers

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE11, IE10, IE9, IE8

Compatible With

Bootstrap 3.x

Software Version

PrestaShop 1.6.0.x

Files Included

CSS Files, JS Files, PHP Files, Layered PSD, PSD




Well Documented




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