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Tour Travel WordPress – EXPLOORE

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4.04 out of 5 based on 53 customer ratings

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Exploore is modern WordPress Theme which has been designed for travel website, travel agency, travel blog, etc… It help your travel online business grow and a potential to grow with more features in the future. Exploore have full of features for a travel website like 5 home page variations.


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Version: v3.10
Created: 25 July 2016
Last Update: 7 January 2019
Author: swlabs
Categories: , ,

Tour Travel WordPress – EXPLOORE

Tour Booking Travel WordPress Theme | EXPLOORE Travel, powering your new Hotel, Travel, Automotive or Cruise Tour Booking business to new heights. Responsive, fast, feature packed & supported by top authors.

Reservation & Booking Ready

EXPLOORE comes with a full feature booking and reservation system, backed by advanced filter criteria and category selection choices.

Your users will be impressed by the multiple choices; filter by user generated reviews, star ratings and almost any other category you dream of.

EXPLOORE’s reservation system is advanced enough for multipurpose booking requirements, but simple enough to be used without any coding knowledge.

Shortcodes Extending Capability

Create almost any kind of element you can imagine with a wide range of Shortcodes packaged with Exploore. Shortcodes that are designed to make your life easier, you can easily create quite a complex range of design elements or blocks of content without really needing to code anything.

With Module specific Shortcodes you will find the right kinds of tools for the job including Car, Cruise, Hotel and Tour shortcodes that offer a wide range of function like Tab Search that are stylishly fitted to slide into the theme with a few clicks.

Build an FAQ with a series of Toggle Boxes that keeps content tidy or discount boxes for seasonal promotion work. Build out Team pages with a minimum of fuss or style awesome lists with a timeline or using indents, or even bullets if you prefer.

Optimised for Modern Devices

With mobile devices taking up large volumes of people’s content consumption in today’s landscape, you want your website to look as good as it possibly can, without all the hassle of extra fiddly code to deal with.

Which is why EXPLOORE comes 100% device ready and compatible, so that no matter where your customers are or what device they are viewing your new website on, EXPLOORE is going to display it to pixel perfection and scale seamlessly to suit the end device. That is called a Responsive website, and we have got it covered.

Four Powerful Modules


With four feature rich complete demos fully built out and more coming soon, simply select from one of the multi-page demo websites to get you up and running with a minimum fuss, and no coding experience.

If you are a developer then take it to the next level, with our Shortcodes that make defining the elements your clients require a walk in the park.

Display timeline information of our you tour offerings and capture leads with email marketing built into the core of the theme itself.


Exploore has Hotel Websites covered. Tours module includes all the features you need to set up a professional Tourism website.

With a sense of luxury the Tour demos have been carefully crafted to create a modern website with every element of hotel bookings taken care of.

Filters are fully customizable and you can modify so many elements with powerful Shortcodes that allow you to create stunning elements without any coding.

With four complete demos to choose from to showcase your Hotel experience exactly how you imagined it.


Building out a car rental company has never been easier. With fluid ajax animations to make your luxury cars really stand out from the crowd, and beautiful galleries that showcase your rental fleet.

Extensive work has been put into the functionality of cars so if you need to build email lists you can with full page email marketing call-to-action boxes that are dynamic and customizable and usable on all pages or single posts. The choice is yours.


Give your users the power of extended Search and Filter capability to find the perfect cruise that they desire. Search by Locations, Facilities, or user generated ratings combined with stunning Parallax animated hero images.

With detailed information of offering by location, you can detail Cruise offerings with all the trimmings including our unique take on display via Timeline. Chose a Cruise then layout the Overview by Day giving customers comprehensive information so they can make the right choice.

Increased Search Functionality

With multiple criteria filters, the power of Search has been fully unlocked in EXPLOORE, giving your users the ultimate user experience.

These days Search within the construct of your website is just as important as your branding or domain name for example. If a user struggles to find what they are looking for, or can’t find Search criteria that match what they think need to search by, you’ve lost them within seconds.

Which is why we have invested so much time, research and development into the power of Search on site with EXPLOORE. Advanced selection criteria, user ratings, user reviews, filters, and basic text search has all been taken care of.

Why not try one of our DEMOS for yourself NOW?

eCommerce Powered by WooCommerce

EXPLOORE has all of your store and ecommerce website aspirations taken care of by being designed and developed from the ground up with eCommerce at its core.

This means that payment gateways, stock management, inventory and product listings are all under the hood, ready for your product, service or bookings. Fully HTML5 and CSS3 code compliant, clutter free and compatible with the most powerful eCommerce system for eCommerce available today – WooCommerce.

In fact, knowing how important this feature set is, we have purposely built 12 fully featured multi-page & multi-purpose eCommerce website demos into the package for the one fixed price. Take a look now, click the demo link to see 12 epic journeys into eCommerce website building with EXPLOORE.

Multiple Post Types

With so many facets of business uses for EXPLOORE, we thought carefully about what kind of content you might be creating and came to discover that each kind of business has specific needs when it comes to content and post types.

So we dived even deeper and came up with a purposeful and powerful set of Post Types to address the issues.

Choose from a range of different types, Hotel, Car, Cruise and more to make use of a strong set of variable post types to meet your needs.

Extended Functionality

Not only will you gain extensive functionality with included plugins, but you will save extra money which all counts when you are building a new website!

Included in your one of purchase price are the best selling Drag & Drop Page Builder Visual Composer, the best-selling Slider Revolution, and the Premium PSD Pack which saves you an additional $70!

Extensive Documentation, Professional Support

All of the features you have seen and so much more and all carefully documented for your perusal to ensure that you get the most out of your new website built with EXPLOORE.

At SWLabs we pride ourselves on top quality support and fast turnaround times for our clients so you can rest assured that no matter your problem we will be right there to help you out!

EXPLOORE Application Possibilities Include

  • Hotel Websites
  • Motel Bookings
  • Leisure Parks
  • Travel Websites
  • Tourism Websites
  • Professional Services
  • Catering Services
  • Restaurants
  • Fast Food Chains
  • Food Trucks
  • Car, Bike, Boat Rental Websites
  • Personal Blogs
  • Coming Soon Pages included

Item support includes

  • Availability of the author to answer questions
  • Answering technical questions about item’s features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Help with included 3rd party assets

What buyers talk about the theme

Main Features

  • Clean and Clear Design
  • High Visual Hierarchy / Contrast for easier to read
  • Google Web Fonts
  • Fontawesome Icons
  • Parallax Scrolling Effect
  • Carousel Slider
  • CSS Animation
  • Bootstrap Framework (Grid wide 1170px)
  • Well documentation
  • Cross Brower Supports: FireFox, Google Chrome, IE10+, Safari
  • Clear formatting coding for easier to modify

Premium Plugins

This will save a lot of money for you.

  • Visual Composer
  • Slider Revolution
  • Premium PSD pack 14$ (per request)

More Features

  • Drag & Drop Page Builder
    Visual Composer is a premium plugin to create and manage content with drag & drop function
  • Awesome Slider
    Revolution slider is a premium plugin to create awesome slider for your site
  • Contact Form
    You can manage multiple contact forms with Contact Form 7 Plugin
  • Newsletter
    Subcription email feature with Newsletter Plugin
  • Translation Ready
    Tested & compatible with polyland & WPML.
  • SLZ Core Plugin
    Bundled with our SLZ Core Plugin, have fun playing with them with mamy shortcodes & settings.
  • 1 Click Import Data
    To setup and using Exploore, Demo Importer function will help you import demo data with just 1 click
  • XML Import Data
    Another popular approach to import content into wordpress site that is using XML. We prepared XML file to import in case you need it.
  • Drag & Drop Setting
    The theme has many options with drag & drop display. It makes your customization become simple, easy and excited
  • Unlimited Colors
    With color picker in admin panel, you can make your site more dynamically. You can choose a color from popup with one click or paste your code into the field.
  • Page Title Customization
    For page title, you can upload background image, customise spacing. Moreover, you can control all components in page title such as the title, the subtitle, breadcrumb.
  • Sidebar Layout
    There are many positions to display the sidebar. Just choose left, right or none to suit your wants & needs.
  • Typography Control
    This theme has option to configuge font for typography element. You can choose font family, color, font size, alignment, etc…
  • Custom CSS & Custom JS
    If you want to make own customization, you can put your code in this optional area. We, in advance, prepared a beautiful editor for you, just enjoy it!
  • More features are coming, so stay tuned!<


Version 5.45: – Janurary 7th, 2019

   + Update plugin Revolution Slider
   + Improve CSS for booking form in mobile view
   + Fix CSS issues

Version 5.4 : – December 12th, 2018

   + Update plugin WPBakery Page Builder 5.6 (supports WordPress 5.0)
   + Fix CSS for skin colors 
   + Fix mobile-submenu scroll and CSS 

Version 5.3 : – November 9th, 2018

   + Fix Google API key issue with showing map locations

Version 5.2 : – October 18th, 2018

   + Update plugin WPBakery Page Builder Version 5.5.5

Version 5.1 : – August 24th, 2018

   + Update plugin WPBakery Page Builder Version 5.5.2.
   + Update plugin Slider Revolution Version 5.4.8 StarPath 
   + Update CSS 
   + Fix gallery in footer options. 

Version 5.0 : – August 3rd, 2018

   + Update CSS.
   + Update template Woocommerce compatibility with version 3.4.0
   + Display Extra Item in cart and mail.
   + Fix duplicate send mail of Contact Form.
   + Fix Like button in Tour carousel.

Version 4.9 : – June 5th, 2018

   + Update CSS.
   + Fixed: Fix Menu Mobile.
   + Fixed: Fix Datetime-Picker of Booking Search.

Version 4.8 : – April 20th, 2018

   + Demo content add homepage 5
   + Fixed: Default setting button.
   + Fixed: Menu on mobile
   + Fixed: Cart template Woocommerce.
   + Fixed: Polylang Flag.
   + Fixed: Typing error.

Version 4.7 : – March 29th, 2018

   + Updated: Update outdated Woocommerce template to WC 3.3.4 compatbile
   + Updated: CSS search shortcode
   + Fixed: CSS slider on mobile.
   + Fixed: Pagination search page.

Version 4.6 : – March 26th, 2018

   + Updated: Update Visual Composer 5.4.7
   + Updated: Update Slider Revolution
   + Updated: Fix bug category location accomodation.
   + Updated: Javascript:void(0) negate SEO removal.
   + Updated: Add feature menu float fixed.

Version 4.5 : – December 29th, 2017

   + Updated: Fix Minor Bugs
   + Updated: Update Slider Revolution version

Version 4.4 : – December 29th, 2017

   + Updated: Fix Page Setting Issue

Version 4.3 : – December 27th, 2017

   + Updated: Update Visual Composer 5.4.5
   + Updated: WordPress 4.9.x compatibility

Version 4.2 : – October 2nd, 2017

   + Improved: Improved & fix some minor bugs of SLZ Core

Version 4.1 – August 24, 2017

   + Fixed: SLZ Tour Category & Tag 
   + Updated: Visual Composer version 5.2.1
   + Updated: Slider Revolution version

Version 4.0 – June 23, 2017

   + Added: Other content in top bar.
   + Added: Slider for header content in Accommodation, Tour, Car, Cruise.
   + Added: Extra Item for single post (Accommodation, Tour, Car Rent, Cruise).
   + Updated: Booking cruise without cabin type.
   + Updated: Page title background for Accommodation, Tour, Car Rent, Cruite.
   + Updated: Shortcode SLZ Tour Grid, SLZ Cruise Grid with style one column.
   + Updated: Shortcode SLZ Tour Schedule with multi images (slick slider).
   + Fixed: CSS, Contact Form 7 action and page options.

Version 3.10 – June 13, 2017

   + Updated: Slider Revolution version
   + Fixed: Bugs in share link and theme options.

Version 3.9 – May 26, 2017

   + Added: Setting to automatically hide tours which have already passed.
   + Fixed: Save location in the map when edit tour, car or Cruise in admin.
   + Updated: Mail template for services( Hotel, Tour, Car, Cruise ) when booking.
   + Updated: pot file.
   + Updated: SLZ Recent New shortcode - Hide image in front-end when the post have not feature image.
   + Updated: Slzexploore Core version 3.9

Version 3.8 – April 20, 2017

   + Fixed: Hide products variables in shop page when updating to the WooCommerce version 3.0.0 and later.

Version 3.7 – April 14, 2017

   + Updated: Booking feature is now compatible with the WooCommerce v.3.0.0 and later.

Version 3.6 – March 15, 2017

   + Improved: Localized numeric and monetary formatting information.
   + Updated: Visual Composer ver 5.1.1.
   + Improved: CSS

Version 3.5 – March 15, 2017

   + Added: Menu topbar in page option.
   + Added: Display number of star in hotel detail page.
   + Improved: SLZ Hotel Grid - Add three column option.
   + Improved: SLZ Image Gallery - Add link for Image Regions style.
   + Improved: SLZ Map Location - Display image on map and enable sort option.
   + Improved: Hotel search.
   + Updated: Visual Composer ver 5.1.

Version 3.4 – March 10, 2017

   + Added: Set different tour prices with different dates.
   + Added: Set different tour available seats with different dates.
   + Added: Setting to disable room type in hotel.
   + Improved: Create product categories corresponding to services( Hotel, Tour, Car, Cruise ) when booking, support for reporting.
   + Improved: Tour search.
   + Updated: pot file.
   + Updated: Slider Revolution version 5.4.1

Version 3.3 – March 07, 2017

   + Added: Display menu in header topbar.
   + Added: Configure show or hide author box in blog page.
   + Improved: Display price with decimal number.
   + Improved: Tour Category and Item List shortcode.

Version 3.2

   + Improved: Setting booking method - users can can choose booking form and/or contact form.
   + Updated: Slider Revolution version
   + Fixed: Accommodation Booking.
   + Fixed: minor responsive layout bugs

Version 3.1

   + Added: Set different prices for different dates of accommodation.
   + Improved: Booking form - Disable unavailable date in calendar.
   + Updated: Slider Revolution version 5.3.1.
   + Fixed: Bug when active slzexploore-core plugin.
   + Fixed: Responsive minor layout bugs

Version 3.0.1

   + Fixed: Accommodation Booking
   + Fixed: Booking with contact form
   + Fixed: Ribbon css

Version 3.0

   + Added: SLZ Map Location shortcode - Display locations of Accommodation/Tour/Car/Cruise in Google Map.
   + Added: Social features settings in footer and header in Theme Options.
   + Added: Theme Options > Booking Setting - Booking method, using current booking or contact form.
   + Added: Theme Options > Booking Setting - Redirect page when booking finish (Not yet supported for booking by Woocommerce)
   + Added: Set label (Hot, New, ... ) in menu.
   + Added: Show ribbon ( Featured, New, ... ) in Accommodation/Tour/Car/Cruise blocks
   + Improved: Date Frequency - Multi select day of week, day of month in Tour and Cruise.
   + Improved: SLZ Image Gallery shortcode
   + Updated: Hide Cabin Type in Cruise Booking Form when Cabin Type is blank.
   + Fixed: Filter in SLZ Tour Carousel shortcode
   + Fixed: Tranlate title widgets with WPML plugin.

Version 2.3 – November 25, 2016

   + Added: 14$ value premium PSD pack
   + Update: Visual Composer latset version 5.0.1

Version 2.2

   + Added: Filter by featured post in Accommodation Grid, Car Grid, Cruise Grid and Tour Grid shortcodes.
   + Added: Tour date by season in Tour and Cruise posts.
   + Added: Infant field in Accommodation, Tour, Car, Cruise.
   + Added: Sort Tour, Cruise by departure date.
   + Added: Option price by person in Accommodation, Cruise.
   + Added: Include email of hotel to mail booking.
   + Added: Theme options - Disable Accommodation, Car, Cruise and Tour by status.
   + Added: Theme options > Page Title Setting - Setting breadcrumb for custom posttypes ( Accommodation, Car, Cruise, Team, Tour ).
   + Added: Fixed sidebar when scroll.
   + Improved: Confirm email when booking.
   + Updated: Change currency sign in booking form when change setting in theme option.
   + Updated: Check booking room by schedule.
   + Updated: Document.
   + Updated:. pot file.
   + Updated: WPBakery Visual Composer version 4.12.1

Version 2.1

   + Added: Support Deposit for booking tour, accommodation, car, cruise.
   + Updated: Social share in tour, car, cruise detail pages.
   + Updated: Setting API key for google map in admin.
   + Updated: .pot file.

Version 2.0

   + Added: Support for RTL.
   + Added: Setting sidebar for tour, accommodation, car, cruise archive pages.
   + Added: Setting permalink for custom postypes ( tour,accommodation, car, cruise, team ).
   + Updated: Social share in tour, car, cruise lists.
   + Updated: .pot file.
   + Improved: Booking tour, accommodation, car, cruise by add to cart of Woocommerce.
   + Improved: Document.
   + Fixed: Css for Woocommerce shortcodes.

Version 1.1

   + Added: Theme options > Google Map API .
   + Updated: Social share in post detail.
   + Fixed: Booking tour, accommodation, car, cruise.
   + Fixed: Search tour, accommodation, car, cruise.
   + Fixed: Woocommerce style.

Version 1.0

   + Initial release


Hope this theme is helpful for you. If you like this theme, please rate it. Thank you!

Note! Images in demo link are for preview purposes only & NOT included in final purchased package file.

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Compatible Browsers

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, IE11, IE10

Compatible With

Bootstrap 3.x, Visual Composer, Visual Composer 4.11.x, WooCommerce 2.6.x, WPML

High Resolution


Widget Ready


Software Version

WordPress 4.5, WordPress 4.5.1, WordPress 4.5.2, WordPress 4.5.x


Well Documented



Files Included

CSS Files, JS Files, PHP Files



53 reviews for Tour Travel WordPress – EXPLOORE

  1. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    1 out of 5


    I can’t login to the support forum with my code. And you don’t answer. I’ve been waiting for an email for 1 week

  2. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


  3. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


    Awesome theme design, Great & Quick Support,
    Love to recommend and use other theme from them.

  4. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


    The theme is awesome, less bugs, amazing booking engine and a wonderful support team!

  5. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


    Bravo pour le travail

  6. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    1 out of 5


    There are so many bugs in the template. i didn’t use it for one year and install recently. Template tour or accommodation dummy content cant edit. everything is in greek letters. i install the latest version but no et fixed. send a couple of Tickets but because my support expired they didnt get back to me with a solution. if you can fix this issue i will change the rating to 5 star

  7. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    1 out of 5


    layers you lye with WPBakery Page is not included thieves

  8. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    1 out of 5


    I send request but TheRubikThemes don’t support for custommer.

  9. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    1 out of 5


    wpbackery backend editor is not working even after enabling the for all custom post types from wpbackery role manager

  10. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


  11. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


    Good customer support

  12. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


  13. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    1 out of 5


    Theme has search form with date fields that doesn’t work. Author doesn’t want to change this because some strange logic. There’s no sense of date fields if they show booked items… support takes long to answer

  14. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


  15. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5



  16. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


    I bought this theme and i had some issues and the customer support help me in all my questions , they are very helpful and understanding , they really care about your proyects!!!

  17. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    1 out of 5



  18. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


    i just bought this theme , i was working over a week and i had some issues , i contact them and their support its great you really feel that you are working with people who really care about your issues,
    zendesk it’s a really good at it, very patience and always teaching you about all the changes that you need doesn’t matter how many hows he take the time and solve it!! very support service i recommend to buy this theme very easy to use and ppl willing to help you on your troubles. thanks again zendesk you are the best!

  19. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    1 out of 5



  20. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


  21. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    1 out of 5


    *I tried to make some new category page. They said it can make. But what is fully customization ?
    *Slowly support from the theme even though the package I bought included express support (I didint received email from them).

  22. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    1 out of 5


    Almost a month ago i tried to open a ticket and my account on their support forum did not exist. But they had time to ask me for review! Explained what i needed and had to remind them after 3 weeks and recieved something i did not ask for. They did not even bother to read what i needed!
    When i wrote them that it was not what i asked for they did not even answer.
    I did not want to bother with somebody elses code but at the end i had to as i did not recieve any response. Found the files and i did what i needed in 15 minutes! Something they made me wait for almost one moth! It is really insulting! They are insulting their customer inteligence! When updated the theme it was all messed up so i had to fix again the widgets etc. When you chose another color that is not default yellow you have to go and change all css so the text can be readable. Do not waste your time and money, this theme is full of bugs and support is poor and insulting. Next time i will think carefully if i will purchase any theme on themeforest!

  23. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    3 out of 5


    This software does not work as advertised. Support does not seem to resolve issues or allow for follow up. The worst part is it is so close to a fully flushed out solution. At this point I have put time into it for a client and will have to put even more into to get it working.

  24. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    4 out of 5


  25. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    1 out of 5


    Very bad customer support. Till 5 days I’m waiting for response. I sent more than 10 messages and applicated all forum/documentation notes but I still having problems.
    I sent all parameters (admin, FTP …) but nothing new. Just messages.
    I can’t change my home page nor other pages.
    Visual composer is not working well. I can’t change my pages.
    I’m sorry but support is not serious.

  26. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


    Good desgin and quikly support

  27. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


    You deserve 5 Star guys! 1) Beautiful and awesome theme!
    2) Fast and easy to understand support! Two thumbs up! Really satisfied with the theme and your support guys!

  28. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    1 out of 5


    support of the theme is very poor and late in response ..
    i bought the theme but it did not work so i lose my money only because the theme setting did not save and when saving any changes there is a message that appears to me :


    i opened a ticket 10 days ago but there is no solution ..
    he asks about if the https is the problem ?! what is this ?!
    all theme works with http and https protocol with no problem!

    for you :
    all the requirement of the theme is available on my host ..
    so there is no conflict to do that !

    i told them that i was in a problem with my customer ..
    because i bought the theme to built his site ..
    but there is no changes in response or anything ..

    iam sad because i bought it !

  29. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


    The response is very fast in solving errors!

  30. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


  31. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    1 out of 5


    I was so disappointed after purchasing this theme. Th
    – No documentation
    – A lot of bugs
    – Slowly support from the theme even though the package I bought included express support (I received email from them after 2 days)

  32. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    1 out of 5


    -The thumbnails upload doesnt work.
    -The google map doesnt work
    -The Add Link to button doesnt work
    -3 days since my ticket and still not support

  33. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    1 out of 5


    Poor documentation.
    Lot of bugs.
    Demo importer not as live preview.
    i bought & drop in less than a week

  34. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    2 out of 5


    Theme: 4 stars
    Support: 0-1 star
    Frustration: 10 stars This is a very good looking theme for the travel industry but customer support is really below standards. Some of my questions had to be submitted multiple times and after 3 months the last questions had finally been answered. The ticket system failed 99% of the time, so questions had to be posted in the comment section of their theme here on ThemeKeeper which then didn’t get answered, or apparent emails they said they sent, never arrived. After having used Avada, Bridge and ThemeX for many projects I got used to their amazing support system, so working with these guys at RubikThemes has been very frustrating. Because of the slow support, I didn’t make my deadline (not even close) which resulted in all kinds of frustrations with my client. Unfortunately there’s little alternatives in the travel industry theme world with the functionalities this theme offers and I hope for us, as clients, more themes will be released by other developers soon as working with these guys has shown to be quite a headache which I wish to not repeat again.

  35. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


    I am in travel business from 22 years, this theme is perfect to start a web project, flexible and stylish you can use this theme to develop your business on the web.

  36. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    4 out of 5


    nice design

  37. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    3 out of 5


    I will rate depend of the answers of the support and how they are reading my support mails only 3 star. If they will be better I will change the rating later. Before this theme get over from a different company – so far as I understand, the support helped in a better way.

  38. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


    High Level of Customizability!

  39. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    2 out of 5


    This Theme is Really Not Upto The Mark.
    The WooTour Plugins is far more Better Than this theme,
    Really fed up with this theme, Other Booking themes have more flexibility, Feature are missing really needed for a Tour Webiste. Can’t Hide Child for a specific Tour.

  40. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    2 out of 5


    Customer support is an ordeal.

  41. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    1 out of 5


    Add Media button is not working in custom Post Type, no support even after 3 days of email.

  42. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    1 out of 5


    many bugs with no support, more than 6 days without answer or fix the problem!

  43. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    1 out of 5


    slow Theme
    No support helps
    And Thank You

  44. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    2 out of 5


    While this site looks great, in most part it is! The reason for my 2 star rating is LACK OF SUPPORT and not as comprehensive User Guide / Documentation. There are quite a few components that are left unexplained. Good luck if you think you will get support that you have actually paid for.
    They answered my first couple of questions the next day, and after that – forget it! They are 5-6 hours ahead of where I am and work ‘office hours’. Weekends..forget it too!
    I have repeatedly asked them for help in a few issues / questions I have, (because their documentation lacks info), and they just ignore me! It is totally infuriating when you are trying to do your work and publish the site you paid for!
    If you want my opinion, unless you are a well-seasoned developer – don’t buy this theme! I’m quite advanced in WP implementation and I find issues/questions on a daily basis. Most of them I tried to solve myself and spend hours trying to read through the Documentation of the theme or within Admin Panel, but in some of them I really need their help!
    Do you want me to improve this review for your guys at SW-LABS? Do you want the 2 stars to become 5 – prove me wrong and give me the support I need!
    Get your act together and give the support people have paid you for. Don’t use excuses I have seen you write to other users. I never got a same day reply to any of my questions. I have used other Theme companies in the past and trust me, they put you to shame!
    It’s about Professionalism! In professionalism there are no excuses – just lame service.
    Your service right now-is not a service, it’s mockery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


  46. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


    Great support, very easy to extend and configure.

  47. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


  48. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


    Excellent design

  49. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


    The design of this theme is so beautiful.
    And I am so kind to support.
    Support is really moving.

  50. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    1 out of 5


    Este theme tiene demasiados errores y intento contactarlo por correo hace 3 dias y no me han podido contestar

  51. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


  52. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


    Great class of work

  53. Tour Travel WordPress - EXPLOORE
    5 out of 5


    I cant skip this item without rating and reviewing. I have been developing wordpress for a long time, purchased hundreds of themes on here and never came across with anything better than this one. I really love the work you did. Thumbs up and keep up with the great work.

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