v2.2.2 Updated Gustos - Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme

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Gustos – Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme

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Gustos – Members list displays all registered users on the site. There is available a basic user info, number of recipes submitted, reputation and the “Follow” button with the number of followers.


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Version: v2.2.2
Last Update: 10 April 2017
Author: Smartik
SKU: 10408604
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Gustos – Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme

Table of Contents

What’s already included?

User profile info:

  • Cooking levels – The cooking level for a user. It can be “None”, “Beginner”, “Intermediate”, “Expert” or “Professional”.
  • Last user visit – Display the time when a user has been active on the site.
  • Number of profile views – How many time other users visited the main profile page of a specific user.
  • Living in – Allows the user to set the home country/location.
  • User website – If the user has a website, it can display its URL on the profile page.
  • Registration date. – Shows the registration date. It may be usefull for other users, because they will know how old this user is on the curent site.
  • Reputation score. – Shows how many reputation points the user has, with the link to detailed info about it.
  • Number of followers/following. – he number of folowers and the number of users that is following with the link to the list of users.
  • About – A short description about itself.
  • Send Private message – Allows other user to contact the user via a private contact form.
  • Settings – Allows the user to set/update profile settings.
  • Follow button – Using AJAX it allows to instantly follow a user.
  • Awards – A list of awards that the user has won.
  • Social profiles – A list of URLs to other social networks where the user is register
  • User activity – A log with all user’s activity. It displays, the recipes submited, user following actions, recipes added to favorites and liked recipes.
  • Avatars – Any registered user is allowed to upload a custom avatar image. The avatars works everywhere, in comments, members list, forums, etc. No limits.
  • Password metter – When the user is updating its profile, and if is picking a new password, there is an indicator that shows how strong the password is. This is done by following an algorithm that determine the password length and the caracters used. If the password is at least 8 chars long and contains one lowecase letter, on uppercase letter, one number and one special character, it is determined to be strong.
  • User profile “My recipes” – is a page where the user can see all all its recipes. Check the status and access the edit tools.

Private messages:

All messages are delivered using AJAX. This will prevent the page reload and will provide a better user experience. If the message does not meet the minimum requirements or a problem occured, the form will return a human readable error message.

The user will get a notification in the website header with the number of new unread messages, each time a new message is sent from another member.

  • Inbox – a list of all messages that has received a user.
  • Sent – a list of all messages sent by a user.
  • Important – a list of messages marked as important by a user.
  • Stortcut messages send – Press Ctrl+Enter to send the message.
  • AJAX message send – The private messages are sent via AJAX. This allows the message to be transfered almost instantly, without reloading the page.

Members list

Members list displays all registered users on the site. There is available a basic user info, number of recipes submitted, reputation and the “Follow” button with the number of followers.

Recipe submission

Submit recipes directly from the website front-end, alowed for any registered user and reject user from accessing the WP dashboard. Only admin are allowed to access the admin side.

  • Featured image – Use the native WP media Uploader to insert the featured image for a recipe.
  • Ingredients – Allows to add an unlimited number of ingredients. Each ingredient can include the name, quantity, measurement and other notes. The measurements can be edited(remove. add new) from the control panel, accessible only for admins.
  • “Preparation mode” and “Footnotes” – Use TinyMCE to create beautifull rich content that describe the recipe.
  • Links – If the recipe is not original, or if it a modified copy or whatever else, the user is allowed to insert the links in the footer of the newly submitted recipe. This field(like many other) is optional and may be left empty.

Recipe Archive

  • Per page – The current reader can select how many recipes it want to be displayed per page. It has the option to select from a drop-down menu.
  • Sort by category or/and tag – When browsing recipes it can be hard to find the right one. That’s why it was implemented the sort by category or/and tag. If it selected only the category or only the tag, the page will show the results only for the selected value. But, if they are both selected, the page will show all recipes from the selected category that contains the selected tag. So you can be sure that the users will find the right recipes.
  • Recipe view – There a 3 recipe styles. The user can select the view that it likes more. To describe each, first has the most details, second is compact list view and third is a grid style that is aimed to provide a visual browsing using only the recipe photo and title.

Tags Index

The tags index is a very sly feature that allows to view all available tags and the number of recipes that’s using each. Also on that page is a filter that allows to minimize the list and to show only the tags that contains a part of a word. They can be viewed in inline or list mode. This is left at the user discretion.


For the forums is user the bbPress plugin. It is fully compatible with this theme and it’s styled to give a strong impression of a real standalone forum software. Check it, there are many modifcations that you will not find in the default bbPress.


The homepage is using a special drag and drop page builder. You can drag the modules and display recipes, by:

  • Subbmission date.
  • Last update date.
  • Favorites count.
  • Likes count.
  • Comments count.
  • Featured first.

Also you can display blog posts in grid or list view by:

  • Subbmission date.
  • Last update date.
  • Comments count.

There are also other modules that can help you to build a better index page to impress your website visitors.


The theme has packed some special widgets that you may find usefull.

  • Social – Display links to your social networks. In the demo you find only a few, but you really want you can make the sidebar full with different socail networks links and each can have it’s logo(obviously), color, and special text.
  • Recipes categories – Of course you’ll need this. The users should be able to pick a recipe category from the list.
  • Recipes widget – Again like on the homepage you can display a list of recipes that is based on a set of settings: sorted by number of likes, favorites, date, etc.
  • Top users – Shows the authors sorted by reputation. They make your website content, so they need some attention. (:

How to update from version 1.x to 2.x:

  1. Replace all theme files. Don’t forget to keep the language files and please backup the old theme first.
  2. Go to Customizer and just save the settings. The save button may be inactive, so just change any field and revert the changes back to make it possible to save.
  3. Go to “Recipe settings” Adjust the new settings available and save. That’s very important because some functions may not work.
  4. Go to “Recipe Cuisines” and insert the new cuisine names. Else the “Cuisines” field will not be visible.
  5. Go to “Permalinks” page and save. This will make the cuisine taxonomy available, otherwise it may return 404 when accessed.
  6. Adjust the servings for each recipe. By default this function assumes that the recipe is for 1 serving.
  7. Translate the new string to your language if needed.
  8. Clear the browser cache if needed.



  • New: Added a new option to set a default name for non-existing users.
  • Bug fix: The fonts list in Customizer not loaded properly.
  • New: JS tooltip for user awards.
  • Bug fix: Parse error from widgets-cache.php.
  • Bug fix: PHP 5.3 compatibility.


  • New: Added an option to set a sidebar on shop page to left or right. It’s accesible from Customizer->Theme Settings->Shop Sidebar
  • New: Autorefresh private messages when on single discussion page.
  • Bug fix: The featured slider autoplay not working.
  • Bug fix: The incorrect author display in featured slider.
  • More readable colors for products price in page builder.
  • Bug fix: Do not display the related products section if the selected ids are not actual published products.
  • smk_theme.pot template file refreshed.


  • Performance improvements.
  • Improvement: Previously the users count was cached for 6 hours, now this number is saved in DB as a static value. Then it is updated only when a user is created or deleted.
  • Improvement: Previously the recipes count was cached for 3 hours, now this number is saved in DB as a static value. Then it is updated only when a recipe is created or deleted.
  • Improvement: Hide registration form and links if registration is disabled by default.
  • Improvement: Allow user registration based on default WP option. Previously this was always enabled. Now it offers the option to disable this.
  • Bug fix: Translation functions and user settings form now are loaded within ‘init’ action hook.
  • New: Two new page builder modules for WooCommerce products.
  • Improved: The page builder modules: “Featured recipe” and “Recipes list”
  • Bug fix: Invisible price in WC related products on single page.
  • New: the recipe manage menu has been included in archives pages for large view.
  • New: Relationships between WooCommerce products and recipes. It’s possible to select related products on recipe submittion and they will be be shown on single recipe page. Then on each selected product will be shown the linked recipe.
  • New: Added a tab on user profile page with all orders created in WooCommerce. This tab is private.
  • Introduced a cache system for theme widgets. You can disable the cache in each widget settings.


  • Improvement: Page builder recipes list. Allow to display the recipes from 1 to 10 columns.


  • Removed some unused code from functions.php
  • Bug fix: Allow the selection of multiple categories when the setting is set to 0(zero) or is empty.
  • Bug fix: The same cooking level is assigned to a user multiple times.
  • Bug fix: Do not downgrade the cooking level when the current level is higher.
  • New: Filters for title and description on submittion form.


  • New option: Category limit or multiple category select. Now it’s possible to set the maximum number of categories that can select a user. Previously it was limited to only one.
  • New option: Send to pending. Allows to anyone publish recipes imediatelly without admin approval.
  • New: Dynamic user cooking levels.
  • New: Automatically assign cooking levels to users based on the total number of recipes published.
  • New: Send a PM when the cooking level is automatically updated.
  • Bug fix: The form does not display the errors for some fields.
  • Bug fix: Demo mode option is set to enabled by default. Now it will be disabled by default.
  • The smk_theme.pot file has been updated.


  • New: Added “Recipes: Settings” link to admin bar.
  • Added redirect to homepage if current user is not allowed to submit recipes. After redirect a notice will be shown on top.
  • Now, if a user is not logged in and tries to submit a recipe, it will be redirected to homepage and the autentication form will be displayed.
  • Now it’s easy to display the login/registration forms just by folowing a URL. Append ?auth=login to open the log in form or ?auth=register to open the registration form.


  • New: Custom taxonomies. Unlimited taxonomy generator.
  • Bug fix: The floating search form does not get the taxonomy term if is on a taxonomy archive page.
  • Bug fix: Error “image” property missing from schema.org
  • Bug fix: Follow button text not localized.
  • All taxonomy-*.php files deleted.
  • File xwoocommerce.php has been deleted.
  • New translation strings.


  • Bug fix: Email notification is not formated as HTML message. This fix will add the paragraphs and display as HTML.
  • “ro_RO.mo”, “ro_RO.po”, “de_DE.mo”, “de_DE.po” translation files were removed to prevent the overiding of up to date files created by site administrators.
  • Bug fix: The links from user profiles are not formated correctly if permalinks are not enabled.
  • Fixed some date formats that are not translated.
  • Updated date format. In most cases it should use first the format from “General Settings”->”Date Format”.
  • Bug fix: Uploader does not accepts files with extensions that are not lower case.
  • WooCommerce shopping cart in header. Enable it from Customizer->Header UX->Show Woocomerce cart icon in header
  • New: Align main menu to right. Enable from Customizer->Header UX
  • New: Send a private message notification to one or more admins when a user attach images to a recipe.
  • Enable or disable the rights to attach images for individual users. Useful if you want to ban an user that spams the system.


  • New: Embed multiple videos from any provider supported by oEmbed, by URL.
  • New functions, filters and actions, so now it’s easy to create new fields without modifying the theme files.
  • Improvements: Single recipe page design.
  • New: Implemented a jquery slider on “single recipe” page that will host the recipe images and videos.
  • Added new filters and actions. See the source code for more info.
  • jQuery qTip update from v2.2.1(full) to v3.0.3(min).
  • New: Field called “Servings” and calculator for ingredients besed on servings number.
  • Bug fix: The user reputation log does not display the messages.
  • Bug fix: Some parts are not using the right function to clean URLs.
  • CSS bug fix: The content may not be visible in some sections because of CSS rules overflow: hidden; For example on “My recipes” page.
  • CSS improvement: The row is larger when the layout is set to fullwidth.
  • New frontend image uploader that will improve user experience and site performance considerably.
  • New: Multiple images uploader. Now it’s possible to add more than one image to a recipe.
  • Bug fix: The old uploader failed to upload images on sites that uses an SSL certificate(https prefix). Now the new uploader works great without problems.
  • WP Media has been removed from frontend. This should improve the site performance because it loaded too many JS assets for logged in users.
  • New: Demo mode forms. If enabled the user will be able only to see the forms but not save any changes.
  • Uploading PHP settings info
  • New: Allow anyone to upload images to a recipe. Logged in users will be able to submit their own pictures of a particular recipe. After that, images will be appended to main recipe slider.
  • New: Nutrition labels, based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
  • New: Cuisine styles field. It’s added as a taxonomy and also it’s available in advanced search.
  • New: Maximum upload file size settings field for single site WordPress Installs.
  • New: Floating advanced search form. No need anymore to go to a page to perform the search. The search form is available on any page.
  • Improvement: The new floating search form now creates clean URLs on submittion. That means all empty parameters are excluded from URL, unlike the old form were they all were added.
  • Added a default background for icons in social follow widget. Also, the widget has been renamed to “Social Follow”.
  • “Recipes Categories” widget has been updated to “Recipes Taxonomy”. Now it’s possible to select any taxonomy that is assigned to recipes CPT.
  • Recipe metaboxes has been removed from backend. Use front end form instead.
  • Prevent recipe edit from backend and redirect to frontend form. This option can be enabled from “Recipes Settings”.
  • New: Send an email when a recipe is published.
  • New: Send an email when an user gets a private message.
  • New: Widget “Quick Search”.


  • No follow for search engines on print page.
  • Added the possibility to create custom fields for social networks. Use the function gustos_add_social_network( $key, $settings ) to create a new field.
  • New social network in user profile: Instagram.
  • Font Awesome update to 4.7.0


  • Compatibility with the latest WordPress version(4.6)
  • Bug fix: Style for homepage featured slider
  • Bug fix: Incorrect tooltip position(out of viewport).
  • Bug fix: Incorrect tooltip position(out of viewport).
  • Compatibility with latest WooCommerce version.


  • Safari 9 major bug fix.
  • Fixed “lessphp” conflict between theme and other plugins.
  • Bugfix: On “tags index” page first tag letter is dropped.
  • Option to lock recipes for registered only users.
  • Other bug fixes.


  • New! Added “Following feed”. Users can see the activity made by the users they are following. The page is located under “Feed” tab in each personal profile.
  • Fixed incorrect display of tags in search filter for words that uses non-english characters.
  • Fixed incorrect display of non-english characters on “Tags Index” page.
  • Page Builder can display recipes from a specific category. Before it displayed only from all categories.
  • Homepage can have a sidebar.
  • Ingredients were not displayed because of a broken child theme. Remove the old child theme completely and replace it.
  • Incorect display of rating in comments on small resolution devices.
  • Fixed “Recipes List” widget number field.
  • Fixed “Top Users” widget number field.
  • Updated translation files. Use “Loco Translate” to translate the new strings.
  • WordPress 4.3.1 compatibility.


  • Reviews and ratings.
  • Search icon is always visible.
  • Option to allow minimum image width for recipes submission.
  • Option to allow to hide or show unapproved recipes for admins only.
  • The widget that displays the recipe categories can be a dropdown menu.
  • Sticky navigation.
  • Revolution slider support(the plugin is not included).
  • Control the required/enabled submission fields.
  • …and much more…


  • Improvement: Restored “Recipes per page” option for filter.
  • Bug fix: Login form is not visible on mobile devices.
  • Improvement: Keep the info about “recipes per page” and “view” in advanced search form.
  • New: The admin can set the default number of recipes per page.
  • New: The admin can set the default recipes view.
  • New: Control the number of columns for recipes in “grid” view mode.
  • Fix: Security fix. http://goo.gl/rHGcZ5


  • Bug fix: The page builder module “Forums” displays only 5 items, even if the settings uses a different number.
  • Improvement: Custom recipe slugs, accessible from “Permalinks” page.
  • Improvement: SEO friendly category, tag, ingredient URLs.
  • Improvement: Updated the page title structure.
  • New: Search icon in site header.
  • Improvement: The icons from user menu can be disabled or enabled.
  • Improvement: The user menu now can show tha avatar OR the username OR an icon.
  • Improvement: Single recipe meta can be placed on top, right, bottom or left.
  • Other adjustments.


  • New: Site copyright option
  • New: The layout can be full width or boxed.
  • New: Dynamic layout width. From 940px to 1440px.
  • New: Dynamic sidebar width. From 240px to 440px.
  • New: The recipes index can have a sidebar aligned to the left or right.
  • New: A better recipes settings panel.
  • Improvement: Now if the public submission is disabled the “Add new recipe” link, from site header, will be hidden.
  • Improvement: The layout will always be 100% in height even if the page has no content at all.
  • New: Require or make optional recipe submission fields, from admin panel.
  • Improvement: Now the page builder text module supports shortcodes.
  • New: If the Revolution Slider is installed, a module will be added to the page builder. You can use it now.
  • Bug fix: The summary counter displays 0 if the pagination is active.
  • Improvement: Minimize the blog date on small screens.
  • Improvement: A better sidebar on mobile devices.
  • Improvement: The recipe meta is always visible, even on small mobile devices.
  • New: Favorites, Likes, Views, Print, Filter options can e enabled or disabled.
  • New: Advaced recipes search/filter.
  • Improvement: The page builder can show recipes in columns from 3 to 10.
  • New: Social login support for 27 social networks.
  • New: Secure login with reCaptcha.
  • New: Terms and conditions for registration.
  • New: Admins can remove activities and reputation.
  • Bug fix: Duplicated activity and reputation points.
  • Improvement: The members counter from site footer links to the members page.
  • Improvement: Custom reputation points. Now the admins can set the number of points that gets a user when an action is executed.
  • Documentation update.


  • Improvement: Improved performance. Now the theme loads 5x times faster.
  • Improvement: Logo can be centered, above the menu.
  • Improvement: Added option to disable the page title.
  • Improvement: Custom Google fonts.
  • Improvement: Custom 404 settings.
  • Improvement: Recipes are edited on the same page, not on a separated one anymore.
  • Improvement: More customizer options.
  • Bug fix: Doubled page title in title tag.
  • Bug fix: User “display name” is not saved in the user settings form.
  • Bug fix: Conflict between Yoast SEO plugin and the page builder
  • Bug fix: Infinite redirect loop, that has been reported by some users.
  • Bug fix: Users could see the edit link for recipes submitted by others(don’t worry, they were not able to edit others recipes).
  • Bug fix: Measurements are not saved for new recipes submissions.
  • Removed: The tags index cache, because it creates the feel that tags are not saved.
  • Partial WooCommerce support. Full support and design will be added in version 1.1.
High Resolution


Widget Ready


Compatible Browsers

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, IE11, IE10, IE9

Compatible With

bbPress 2.3.x, bbPress 2.4.x, bbPress 2.5.x, WooCommerce 2.3.x, WooCommerce 2.4.x, WooCommerce 2.5, WooCommerce 2.6.x, WPML

Software Version

WordPress 4.3.1, WordPress 4.4, WordPress 4.4.1, WordPress 4.4.2, WordPress 4.5, WordPress 4.5.1, WordPress 4.5.2, WordPress 4.5.x, WordPress 4.6, WordPress 4.6.1, WordPress 4.7.x

Files Included

CSS Files, JS Files, PHP Files




Well Documented



16 reviews for Gustos – Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme

  1. Gustos - Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


    Excellent work, awesome theme.

  2. Gustos - Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


    Great work, awesome theme.

  3. Gustos - Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


    Fantastic product and the support is amazing. For me that have not much knowledge of coding, I had a great experience with all their help.

  4. Gustos - Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


    This theme is very easy to use so absolute novices aren’t left out, it has great functionality and has everything needed to run a recipe community. Five star rating for the customer support as well. Help is always there when you need it. A truly awesome theme and the best as far as food and recipe community themes go.

  5. Gustos - Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


    Nice and fast Support! The Theme has nice features too.i Recommend to buy it!

  6. Gustos - Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


  7. Gustos - Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5



  8. Gustos - Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


    Un producto realmente bueno, estoy super encantado con la actualización.

  9. Gustos - Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


  10. Gustos - Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


    I have already bought a lot of wordpress-themes. This one is the first without any error. It runs perfect with great functionality. Documentation could be a bit better, but support was excellent. Answered all my questions very quick and helped me in any case. Can not give 10 stars so only 5 stars 🙂 Thanks a lot

  11. Gustos - Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


  12. Gustos - Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


    Was looking for a thruly community orientated recipe theme, Well here it is just what customers ordered…..thanks

  13. Gustos - Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


    Theme simple to use and without bug. Support very well !

  14. Gustos - Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme
    1 out of 5


    The author does NOT support this theme. I have reached out to him directly asking to pay him as a consultant to help with some fixes that should have been included for free and he ignores emails. He makes some BS updates to make it look like he is maintaining it, but the updates are only for appearances so he can get your money. You have been warned.

  15. Gustos - Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


    Great support

  16. Gustos - Community-Driven Recipes, WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


    Great work Smartik !
    thank you very much that you further develop this project.

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