v1.0 SimonTaxi - Taxi Booking WordPress Theme

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SimonTaxi – Taxi Booking WordPress Theme

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3.65 out of 5 based on 17 customer ratings

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SimonTaxi is a Responsive WordPress theme for Taxi Booking, Cab Booking , Vehicle Booking and Rental Services. The One and Only WordPress Theme with Complete Booking Functionality on ThemeKeeper Check the features of this Cab Booking WordPress theme @ YouTube SimonTaxi is specially hand crafted for Rental Insdustry packed with…


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Version: v1.0
Created: 24 July 2017
Last Update: 6 September 2017
Author: DigiSamaritan
SKU: 19978212
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SimonTaxi – Taxi Booking WordPress Theme

SimonTaxi is a Responsive WordPress theme for Taxi Booking, Cab Booking , Vehicle Booking and Rental Services.

The One and Only WordPress Theme with Complete Booking Functionality on ThemeKeeper

Check the features of this Cab Booking WordPress theme @ YouTube
SimonTaxi - Taxi Booking WordPress Theme

SimonTaxi is specially hand crafted for Rental Insdustry packed with amazing featurs, SimonTaxi comes with One Click Demo Install.

SimonTaxi – List of Modules

  • Vehicles Module: The admin can able to manage all the vehicles here, we can list the vehicle by name, features, type, location, hourly package, lay out date, special fare date, distance price , coupon code and published date. There are robust features while adding vehicles.
  • Features Module: This module lists the different features of vehicles, that can add features for vehicles.
  • Types Module: When we talk about vehicles , there are several types or brands, lets say BMW, Honda, Suzuki and several , Admin can able to add multiple types for Vehicles.
  • Locations Module: When you’re going to point to point services, it is very important to add our services providing areas, so Here admin can able to admin multiple locations,which are available for P2P booking ,like we say , Place X – Place Y.
  • Hourly Package Module: Here we can create Package Names for Hourly Booking Service , We can keep some hours count to each package.Lets say : Golden Hours = 10H Package, Offer Hours = 20H Package like that. So that end user will book any package.
  • Lay out Date Module: This is an excellent feature in the system, lets say we have heavy inventory , if admin wants to disable any vihile for perticular perid of time, he can do that, if any vehicles are damaged or sent for service , admin can block them not show on the search list.
  • Special fare Module: We got covered to have a special fare increase for any perticular day, the admin can set the value in number and also in percentile , lets say , on Christmas , you can hike the fare by 10% or decrease the fare by 10% .
  • Distance Price Module: Set price for minimum and maximum distances , ex , you can keep $10 for 1KM – 5KM and 5KM – 10KM , is 20$ like that.
  • Coupon Codes Module: Coupons are valuble weapons for business growth , we designed this module to increase the conversions , admin can set the coupon code for value or percentile , there is a provision for coupon validity period also.
  • All Vehicle FAQ Module: Sometimes, we need to answer the questions regarding Vehicles to customers, so instead manually answering, we kept some Dynamic FAQ system , where admin can add FAQs for Vehicles.
  • Email Templates Module: We have several email alerts , which will happen on the site for different actions like payment status, booking cancel, booking confirmed , booking status, booking success, reset password , new user registration , So we made these templates dynamic , so that admin can add personlised message.
  • SMS Templates Module: One more awesome feature is SMS alerts, where we can create SMS templates forn booking success , cancel events.
  • Testimonials Module: Create the testionials and make them appeal to your users.
  • Request Callbacks Module: The theme has an widget , where any visitor can request the call back , all these details are stored in the system, where admin can follow up them manually.
  • Support Requests Module: The registered user can send any support request to admin, all these are recorded and available to admin for furter investigation.
  • Manage Bookings: Admin Can Manage the Bookings daily , he can view all the booking details in this module.
  • Settings Module: Settings is one more awesome module, where admin can set General things, Optional Fields, currentcies , payment gateways, Taxes, Additional charges, billing, permissions and many more.

We found that every fleet managment company looking for a wonderdul WP Theme to exhibit their services , and finally we made out of our best knowledge.

The SimonTaxi WordPress theme will be best suited for travel agencies, cab services, taxi agencies, auto rickshaw agencies, limos, radio taxis, rental car agencies, hackney carriage, coaches, minicabs agencies, taxi-bus services, hybrid taxi providers, transport services.

The SimonTaxi theme will allow to showcase the cabs and booking functionlity, we can show the availability of cab , gallery and other related things.

SimonTaxi Booking Theme Features

  • Latest WordPress compatible.
  • One click installation.
  • HTML, PSD Files Included.
  • Responsive theme.
  • Cross browser compatible.
  • Custom widgets.
  • Social sharing links.
  • SMS and Email Alerts.
  • High on performance.
  • Visual Composer Included.
  • PayPal gateway inbuilt.
  • 17 Inbuild Modules for Booking Functionality.
  • Free Theme Installation.
  • Easy setup.
  • Good documentation.
  • SEO optimized.
  • Advanced footer options.
  • 5 Star Support
  • Child theme included.

Changelog – September-06-2017

    Support for external payment gateways - Stripe Payment Gateway,PayPal and PayuIndia.
    Catch the powerfull Sessions.
    Added the support for pickup and dropoff locations google or predefined.
    Added new feature to restrict the region
    Extensions for the Vehicle Booking Plugin (Vehicles->Manage Extensions) (Stripe gateway as an extension to Plugin, Drivers Plugin, Auto updater Plugin)
    Region Restrion
    Number of vehicles restriction
    Pickup and Dropoff Restriction
    Permissions extended for each role
    Implementation of actions for developers in mind
    Provision for future expansion

High Resolution


Widget Ready


Compatible Browsers

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge

Compatible With

Bootstrap 3.x, Visual Composer 4.12.x, Visual Composer 5.1.x, WPML



Software Version

WordPress 4.6, WordPress 4.6.1, WordPress 4.7.x

Files Included

CSS Files, JS Files, PHP Files







17 reviews for SimonTaxi – Taxi Booking WordPress Theme

  1. SimonTaxi - Taxi Booking WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


  2. SimonTaxi - Taxi Booking WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


  3. SimonTaxi - Taxi Booking WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


    Good Working Support Team. Thank u

  4. SimonTaxi - Taxi Booking WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


    So simple and user friendly

  5. SimonTaxi - Taxi Booking WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


    The best application of the kind includes a variety of options and capabilities.

  6. SimonTaxi - Taxi Booking WordPress Theme
    1 out of 5


    Please beware of his attempt of scam by conducting business on theme-forest using someone else theme, no support at all only play he does is if you noticed every single comment he is asking every one to ping on skype username dv developer3 we are here asking about our refund we bought from you. as we contacted you here and been advised by Samson P who claimed to own this DigiSamartian(selling word press themes on theme forest) and Conqueror(which he used for sending you paypal invoices). he asked us when we requested for getting help on the demo theme he will do 8 points custom job and he will charge us $542 which we agreed and per his request paid advanced $250 based on delivery in 7 days. he could not deliver tolls functionality. and was asking us to buy 3rd party api for $200/m. when we denied he tried to compensate adding more 4 points of tasks and eventually charged us another $128 which supposed to be final and we agreed but he failed again to deliver than he was asking more money again his development team code was having a lot of bugs we dedicate tester for them and same bugs keep getting alive every other day was ridiculous which we tested on his server and signed off. he demanded more money and finally we agreed just to finished this in another $238. so then stretched deliberately to $890 and this ws not it he was demanding another $130 for lunch money for himself and his team. and promised us they will install final tested version on our server and suddenly he got disappeared for 5 days. then asked me pay another $60 for installation then they did half install and theme was not working. finally we raised dispute with pay pal.he tried to abuse on Skype call with having such an unprofessional attitude. i am posting my comment please think twice before even spending your single penny. he has even included those points in his latest demo so no respect

  7. SimonTaxi - Taxi Booking WordPress Theme
    3 out of 5


    Unfortunately, I have to write a bad opinion. I stayed with it for many days, but it’s enough … I have many problems with the template. After many messages on Skype and sending many meils to support, I was informed that the problem with my template results from a bad server. They said that everything is correct in the code. They did it for three weeks. After a few messages from the creators of the template I decided to finally write to the server administrators to ask them what they think about it. It took 5 minutes and the server administrator wrote back to me, where the problem is and told me how to remove it. The problem was so extremely obvious that for the creators of this template it is full embarrassment. With this template I have a few other problems that I reported and instead of fixing them, they wrote back to me how I have to overcome this problem. I understand that some things can not be fixed in one day, but I would expect an answer from their side about what they plan to do with it and at what time. A bit of bitterness poured a different matter. I applied to the creators of the template the idea of ​​a very useful template function that they could create. Everyone would definitely benefit from it. They wrote that if I want this function, all I have to do is tell them. I told them about it many times, and how three weeks later I asked what stage one of the gentlemen wrote to me that if I wanted this function then I would write them. Again! What a madness. It took three weeks and I thought they were working on this function. For this reason, my company stands, because it is about discounts for second and third person. I would like the order to be for a few people so that they would have cheaper. I do not want every person to pay the same amount because it is too expensive. Now I do not know if they will do something about it or if I have to hire another programmer who will do it to me, because they have not been answering for a few days ….

  8. SimonTaxi - Taxi Booking WordPress Theme
    4 out of 5


    es buena plantilla pero se tienen que resolver algunas cosas, buen soporte

  9. SimonTaxi - Taxi Booking WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


  10. SimonTaxi - Taxi Booking WordPress Theme
    1 out of 5


    Almost waiting 1 week for the support and hasnt got response, bad!

  11. SimonTaxi - Taxi Booking WordPress Theme
    4 out of 5


  12. SimonTaxi - Taxi Booking WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


    I’m regular buyer of this author, the team is experienced and dedicated for help anytime. SimonTaxi is user friendly and packed with many features, I requested few more features, they said they are working on them. Good to see first theme on themeforest with exact taxi booking features. I recommend this team and this theme.

  13. SimonTaxi - Taxi Booking WordPress Theme
    1 out of 5


    There are many issues with the plugin. It is not tested properly. The fare calculation itself is wrong. We can not use this plugin for live websites for sure. Customer support is very bad.

  14. SimonTaxi - Taxi Booking WordPress Theme
    2 out of 5


    2 Star now . 2nd update was good 🙂 I will give you 5 star when you add theme function and make this theme more user friendly 🙂

  15. SimonTaxi - Taxi Booking WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


    They are the Best Support we have experienced so far, they personally do 1on1 chat with u (skype) to solve your pblm and clear all the doubts u have. Thanks

  16. SimonTaxi - Taxi Booking WordPress Theme
    1 out of 5


    There are a lot of problem in this theme 1.This theme is not user Friendly .
    2. You can’t edit plugin to add more option .
    3. User can’t customize theme you need to hire a developer for it because everything in plugin there are not a single thing can customiz without coding .
    4. Without plugin the other side of theme is simple . 59$ price is so high for that .
    5. There is no theme option .
    6. No seo optimization option
    7. Google map tracking is critical
    8. Without search plugin the theme is value less .
    9. Customer support is too low . Replay typically 2-3 days and they are not give you instruction . they ask for cpanel details to make change . poor customer support .
    10. Documentation is not clear .
    11. WEST OF MONEY !!

  17. SimonTaxi - Taxi Booking WordPress Theme
    5 out of 5


    This is still an early build, but the support team were very helpful and did their best to accommodate my requirements and troubleshoot my issues.

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