5 Amazing Assets for Perfect Cookery Videos

Shooting a cookery video is a great way to engage an audience, share new ideas and recipes, and to build a loyal, following. We’ve curated five of our favourite pieces from  ThemeKeeper Elements to help you create the perfect food broadcast.

5 Amazing Assets for Perfect Cookery Videos

1. Food &
Hands Explainer

Explainers are a great way to get your message across in a fun way. The Food & Hands Explainer is a modular pack for Adobe After Effects with 40 arm animations, eight transitions, ten title animations and much more.

5 Amazing Assets for Perfect Cookery Videos

2. Food
Broadcast Package

A cool and elegant template for After Effects, Food Broadcast Package is a ready-to-go bundle for your cooking or food channel. With logos, lower thirds, transitions and even special recipe elements, it’s got it all!

5 Amazing Assets for Perfect Cookery Videos

3. Cooking
Show Bumper for Premiere

Cooking Show Bumper is a template for Adobe Premiere Pro, but is also available for After Effects. It’s easy to customise the colour of the background and text and turn elements off and on to suit your project.

4. Broadcast
Cooking Package Essential Graphics | Mogrt

The Broadcast Cooking Package for Adobe Premiere Pro is a bright and lively motion graphics bundle with titles, text placeholders and much more.

5 Amazing Assets for Perfect Cookery Videos

5. Cooking

You might occasionally want to include stock footage in your cookery show. This footage of flour being spread across a surface would make a great transition between segments, or even just as a great addition to a bakery short.

5 Amazing Assets for Perfect Cookery Videos

Each asset here is from ThemeKeeper Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

Tuts+ Tips for Food Photography and Video

  • Be
    aware of your lighting
    , you want it to be bright but soft, otherwise your
    food might look a little too stark and unappetising!
  • Clear the work-space. Clutter is a no-no, but conversely,
    remember to dress the set if the background is visible. One or two well-placed
    props can make all the difference.
  • Avoid
    distracting clothing
    on your chef or host. The focus should be the food—think clean and neutral.
  • Film everything and edit later. If you can, use two cameras.
    Remember to pick
    up some B-Roll
    : you might need to go through some of the steps a few times
    in order to get everything you need.
  • Mic up your host if they’re talking about the steps.
    Shotgun mics are great, but if your chef is baker is chatting away while moving
    around the workspace then better to have
    a lav mic
    on them.

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