50 Best After Effect Templates of 2017 – January Update

As anyone will tell you, last year was a great year for video. Having transitioned from a one-off medium, to pretty much defining ‘mainstream’, it has seen a rise in usage beyond anything imaginable.

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2017 – January Update

The term video, previously only used to refer to movies & TV, has seen widespread adoption in departments such as marketing, education, company branding and communication, just to name a few. YouTube has had a big part to play in this evolution, as have channels like Facebook & Twitter, with their ever increasing support for video content. It’s now easier than ever to produce video with tools available to everyone (i.e: smartphones), and sharing this content has literally become child’s play. Tools and editing software has enabled easier editing, faster processing and most importantly, rendering of higher quality composed output.

By 2019, it’s estimated that content network traffic will deliver over half of all internet video traffic; over 1/3 of the world’s population will be a YouTube user. With access to video-making tools and templates, it’s easier than ever before to create high-quality content. Adobe After Effects’ impressive set of tools and functionalities has made it the preferred choice of filmmakers, video designers and animators— both creative professionals and hobbyists alike.

VideoHive, as the world’s leading marketplace for After Effects templates, enables you to find some of the best quality assets to choose from. Given the immense number of incredible templates, we’ve decided to put together a list of some of the best, so that you can get a quick overview of the unparalleled quality you can find on our sites.

Top 1 – 10 bestselling video templates, January 2017

1.Dynamic Urban Opener

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2017 – January Update

This template is a dynamic urban-themed opener, ideally suited for your next intro. It doesn’t require additional plugins, and comes packaged with a fitting soundtrack! It’s very easy to use: all you need to do is to type your text, edit color, drop your footage replacing the existing placeholders and hit render button!

2. Glitch Transitions

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2017 – January Update

Suitable for images, videos and text alike, this template will add some glitch goodness to your production. Adding to that the 50 different transitions that are included with the pack, together with 5 text presets, it’s immediately clear why this After Effect template is off to a great start. Great start. Start. (sorry, minor glitch)

3. Titles

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2017 – January Update

Complete with 275 title animations, 12 entirely different styles, customizable text and colours, and bundled with 20 free shapes elements, this one’s a keeper! A few possible usage scenarios include: title sequence animations, business & corporate branding videos, promotion for special events, presentations, weddings, birthdays and more.

4. New Year Countdown

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2017 – January Update

With New Year’s Eve being quite an important event, it’s no surprise that great timing paired with excellent visual effects managed to catapult this template in our Top 10. While the countdown is pre-rendered (meaning that you won’t need any additional plugins for the number countdown) – you can still edit the text for the final sequence.

5. Zoom on Earth Suite 

With only two minutes to spare, this template enables you to create incredibly realistic fluid zoom-in actions of your favourite location anywhere on the globe. There are an abundance of settings and tweaks you can operate, if you decide to spend a little more time…and it’s worth it!

6. Chinese New Year

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2017 – January Update

With the Chinese New Year right around the corner, it’s no surprise that this incredible template made the cut. This project includes a greeting text for “Happy New Year”, in English, Chinese and you can also easily change the text if you want.

7. Lower Thirds Variety Pack

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2017 – January Update

This item is a lower thirds pack containing multiple templates, all featuring customization controls. The pack includes a variety of different design styles, including minimal, news broadcast, grunge, paper, flat design, retro, shinny bubble, modern, and glitch.

8. Golden Luxury Logo Reveal

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2017 – January Update

What better expresses luxury than one of the most beloved metals know to man? This template allows you to convert any logo into a shiny, precious nugget of bling, perfectly accented by smooth-moving edge highlights.

9. Modern Intro Titles Pack II

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2017 – January Update

Perfect template for quick production of 4K or 1080P resolution title sequences. It comes packed with 27 title variations, universal expressions, auto-resizing shapes, changeable colors and a handy user guide to assist with the timing setup. Plugin works with After Effects CS5 or above.

10. Particle Motion – Photo Animation Particular Effects 

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2017 – January Update

Trapcode Particular is one of the most popular After Effects plugins to date, but learning how to make the most of it can take an incredible amount of time. Templates like NeuronFX’ Particle Motion aim to simplify the process, while at the same time still generate mind-boggling effects.

This template creates particle animations, directly inside your photos. You can create smoke, dust, sand, glitters, sparks and more!

Top 11-30 standout items of 2017 so far

These items are truly unique and allow you to create, quite literally, magic in moving pictures. They’ve been successful top-selling assets ever since the year began, and that for good reason. Many of them are aimed at delivering entire animation solutions, or can safely be defined as project-enhancing tools, which can be integrated in a number of different ways. Many of the items featured here take the term “template” quite a few million miles out, and reach complexity levels that would require months of work to set up in-house. Lucky for you – you can get all of this, packaged with very useful documentation, created by our super talented and dedicated community of creators!

11. Handy Seamless Transitions

A set of video-transitions which can help to make your video visually interesting and amazing! Slideshow, trailer, promo, music clip, broadcast, movie, documentary film or presentation – any your project will be far more fascinating, dynamic, and professional!

12. 30 Simple Titles

Complete with no less than 30 unique titles and lower thirds, able to export in 540p, 720p, 1080p, 2k and 4k resolutions, this template comes fully equipped to fit right into your project pipeline. Adding to the vast customizability, it’s also worth mentioning that it’s not reliant on any plugins and happens to render quite fast.

13. The Most Handy Presets For Animation Composer

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2017 – January Update

If you’ve been working with After Effects, chances are you’ve already come across Animation Composer (free) and are fully aware of the incredibly powerful effects it enables. This set of presets is aimed at delivering the highest quality video asset generation for Animation Composer and After Effects.

14. TypoKing | Title Animation – Kinetic Typography Text

50 Best After Effect Templates of 2017 – January Update

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working on a documentary or a newsreel, chances are your footage is in need of quality titles. With this template, you’re basically set. It comes loaded with heaps of variations, tonnes of effects (incl. minimal, abstract, glitch, handwriting etc). And when we say loaded – we mean over 450 title variations, not to mention that it also includes a handy script to assist you with customization!

15. Stomp – Typographic Intro

Stomp is a typographic intro template, ideal for presenting a product, featuring good rhythm and clean typography. In the basic version, it contains exactly 100 words, but you can easily extend or shorten it as you see fit, thanks to the modular structure of the project. The project includes a PDF manual and video tutorials, so that even a novice will understand the settings of the project.

16. VoluMax – 3D Photo Animator

17. Neon Sign Kit

18. SandStorm Motion Kit

19. Explainer Video Toolkit 3

20. 110 Text Animations

21. Fire Logo

22. FX Particle Builder | Fire Dust Smoke Particular Presets

23. Transitions

24. Animated Map Path

25. Dynamic Typography

26. 3D Stroke Logo

27. Glitch Logo Reveal

28. Lower Thirds

29. It Fast – Typography Promo

30. Cinematic Light Rays Logo

Top 41-50 Best After Effects templates of 2016

41. Mosaic Photo Reveal

Create one of the most loved, but also pretty complex photo effects: A photo mosaic, using your very own images. You do need 100 photos to make the most of it, but the plugin also allows creation of an extended 3 minute version, all in eye-watering full HD resolution!

42. Photo Gallery on a Sunny Afternoon

Insert your favorite images in stock footage of picture frames hanging from a tree, softly swaying around as the leaves interact with the ambiental flow of the wind. Bonus – you won’t look like a crazy person attempting to hang perfectly good picture frames in your backyard. The template can work with up to 42 images too, so there’s ample room for your beloved memories to hang around.

43. Photo Motion Pro – Professional 3D Photo Animator

One of the most amazing templates on VH, the Photo Motion Pro allows you to animate still photos into incredibly dynamic video content. It’s quite astonishing, and you won’t believe what this template is capable of, until you’ve checked out some of the videos produced with it.

44. Black Classic 3D Logo

An easy-to-customize logo effect that turns any logo into a three dimensional graphic for presentation purposes. Commonly used for corporate videos, this template could easily also come in handy for personal video projects, intro credits, and so much more.

45. Logo Intro Elegance Flare

This template allows you to create a dramatic intro sequence using only your logo. The fact that it’s so simple and to-the-point, paired with the reasonable price, makes this one a perfect addition to your AE toolbox.

46. 140 Flash FX Elements

This template has been chosen as featured file on VideoHive, and there’s good reason for that. It comes packed with 140+ animated elements allowing you to create stunning transitions no matter the topic. You’re really only limited by your own imagination, as otherwise, this template is fitting for 3D, video effects, titles, pictures, logos, cartoons, games, and more. Think smoke explosions, electricity, flames, movement lines, and much, much more.

47. Pixity Land | Character Explainer Toolkit

The perfect template if you’re looking to illustrate a story. It has a vast range of customizable characters, icons, speech bubbles, and more. With almost 5,000 sales and a nearly perfect rating, there’s no doubt, that your chances of succeeding in presenting your product, explaining a concept, or simply telling a great story, are quite high with this one.

48. Ultimate Earth Zoom Toolkit

For those of you that are into traveling, but haven’t quite managed to set aside a budget for 2017, this template allows you to zoom in on any place in the world. The map generator wizard is browser-based, and the main template combines all map images and a high-tech library. If traveling isn’t your thing, you can still use this template to produce movie-grade location presentations including markers and annotations!

49. 500 Animated Icons

With video making such progress in all possible media, it’s likely you’re bound to find yourself looking for animated icons for your next project. You get a whopping 500 fully customizable icons to use to your heart’s desire.

50. Logo 3D Levels

Last but not least, wrapping up our list of bestselling items from 2016, this template converts any logo into 3D, adding customizable effect height and adjustable colour lens.

**Note: This list has been created manually, and may differ from the order displayed in search results. Items that have been featured previously, or are included in other section & articles may be excluded. You can view more bestselling items here.

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