15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

Launching your online store is an exciting business venture. No matter what kind of product you sell, you’re able to significantly expand your audience and make your products available worldwide.

15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

Of course, to set your store up for success, you need to choose the right platform. There are many eCommerce platforms available but one of the more popular ones is BigCommerce. BigCommerce has all the features you need to build a powerful online store in 2017.

15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

15+ Best BigCommerce Themes for 2017

When it comes to BigCommerce themes, we’re excited to announce that we launched a new category on the ThemeKeeper market, dedicated exclusively toBigCommerce themes. In this article, we’ll showcase our new collection and share a few tips on how to make your BigCommerce website great.

15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

Check out these fresh BigCommerce themes that just hit ThemeKeeper here in 2017. Grab one that fits your eCommerce needs best and get a quality online store built right.


15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

LaParis theme has an elegant BigCommerce design that would be perfect for a fashion store or other for selling other trendy products in 2017.

The theme features a large slider area in the header which is made for showcasing your products as well as a promo banner. Your customers can use the quick view feature to preview the items and immediately add them to the cart or save them for later.

Show available payment methods in the footer area and feature brands anywhere on the homepage. Along with customization options, product filters, and responsive design, the LaParis theme is well worth checking out!


15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

YourStore is a clean and modern BigCommerce theme design that can be used for making a variety of different stores. The theme displays the most important categories at the top and offers several ways to display your products. It also includes a powerful customizer which lets you control every design aspect. You can create your own unique layout quickly. It’s also responsive and optimized to load fast.


15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

The Materient eCommerce theme stands out in 2017 with its colorful design based on Google’s Material Design guidelines. The homepage is divided into colored blocks that make it easy to display your products in a clean and organized fashion.

The theme would work well for an accessories or watch store, or another high demand product type. The sections of the theme are highly customizable, as well as the overall visual look. Visitors can easily filter the products and make use of the quick view feature, too.


15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

Gameworld is a great choice if you run a game store. The theme has plenty of options to display a variety of games for the most popular platforms. You can display your products in a grid or in a carousel and use the featured block to promote your most popular games.

Every aspect of the theme is customizable through the theme options panel and the theme supports multiple languages and currencies. It’s also fully responsive and comes with built-in filtering options, mega menu, and detailed documentation.

5.Electronics Supermarket

15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

Consider the Electronics theme for your electronics shop. Aside from displaying categories prominently in the header and an elegant slider, this great 2017 BigCommerce theme comes with a special banner area where you can advertise a promotion that’s currently going on in your store.

There are plenty of sections to display your best-selling items as well as featured eCommerce products and new arrivals. Another notable feature is the ability to show the main benefits that your store offers such as free shipping, free returns, or you can link straight to your FAQ section.

6.AP Fashion Store

15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

The AP Fashion Store has a clean and elegant BigCommerce design and a stunning slideshow above the fold so you can feature your best-selling products. You can display your eCommerce products in a grid layout and customers can easily zoom in on the product to view more details. Aside from a responsive design and plenty of customization options in BigCommerce, the theme also allows you to build your email list effortlessly thanks to the email newsletter block.

7.AP Shoes World

15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

Don’t let the name of this theme fool you, this BigCommerce template design offers plenty of features to create any type of online store, not just a shoe store. The theme has a rather minimal design that draws attention to your products.

It also includes a quick view feature, mega menu, and the ability to highlight your shipping and return policies or special discounts. It includes hover effects as well that allow customers to immediately view the product, buy it, or quickly save it for later.

8.AP Coolstuff

15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

AP Coolstuff is a versatile BigCommerce theme for 2017 with a responsive website design. perfect for a furniture, flower, or decor store. The theme features a full-width slider and a mega menu that makes it easy to list all the product categories.

Category pages are available as well, allowing you to keep the shop organized while individual product pages make it easy to add detailed descriptions and variations of the product. The theme also has its own theme control panel with plenty of options for store management and customization.

9.AP New Fashion

15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

Another fashion eCommerce theme for 2017, AP New Fashion comes with a beautiful full-width slider and a prominent block where you can feature a coupon or your shipping policy. You can mark items that are on sale and choose between unlimited color options to customize your site. The BigCommerce sitetheme is SEO optimized with support for rich snippets and mobile-friendly design.


15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

The Verve theme’s standout feature is an off-canvas cart that allows customers to quickly add the item to their cart and proceed with checkout. Smart product pages highlight your product’s features and you can add different images for each page or a category in your store. This awesome 2017 BigCommerce theme includes powerful filtering options, allowing customers to quickly find the product they’re after!


15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

The Baggies eCommerce store theme comes with four different color schemes and a beautiful section to showcase special sales and promotions. The layout of each page can be tailored to your liking—as well as the rest of the styling options. What makes this theme stand out is the ability to view a side-by-side comparison of products. This great BigCommerce template design also includes a blog section.


15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

The Modez theme has a vibrant yet minimal design that brings out your products and makes them stand out in 2017. The theme has plenty of configurable sections to display your featured products, products on sale, most popular products, as well as different categories.

A mega menu makes it easy to include everything in the main navigation without making it appear cluttered. It also comes with social sharing features—allowing your customers to share your products on their preferred social media network.


15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

MTStudio is highly customizable and responsive BigCommerce template suitable for a variety of online stores.

The theme comes with a hover effect that allows your customers to instantly add the desired product to their cart. Custom blocks are available throughout the theme to place your own content or graphics and you can enable or disable custom blocks on the homepage and in the sidebar.

This eCommerce website theme is also highly customizable and responsive to provide customers the best possible experience when shopping on their phones or tablets.


15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

Qrack is a top BigCommerce theme for 2017—with a modern, clean, and professional design that’s fully responsive. This theme comes with a full-screen homepage slider, as well as the featured products and brand carousel.

Your customers can easily compare different products or take a better look with the quick view feature and save them for later. It’s also SEO optimized and allows you to customize every aspect of your online store design, from fonts to your website colors.


15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

The Villenoir eCommerce website theme has a sophisticated design suitable for vineyards, wine stores, or wineries that want to sell their wines online. The theme comes with the ability to compare different wines, a quick view feature, and the ability to add products directly to the customer’s cart or their wishlist. It includes newsletter integration so you can send coupons or notify your subscribers when a new wine comes to your store.


15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

FreshLooks is an elegant dark BigCommerce website theme design that can be customized to suit your brand if you’re not a fan of the dark look. It has a unique video slideshow that is sure to catch the attention of your customers and encourage them to make a purchase.

This eCommerce store theme includes product comparison, quick view, mega menu, and a countdown block to notify customers of the remaining time on featured products. The theme is fully responsive and includes elegant loading animation.


15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

The Dezert BigCommerce template is ready to use to make a great online store in 2017. It comes in a dark and light version, featuring a full-screen slideshow and an elegant grid layout for your products.

It also includes an integrated newsletter and a mini cart in the header so your customers always know the status of their cart. Four custom widgets are available to further customize the layout as well as special templates for the blog and contact page. Get your online store launched with this BigCommerce theme quickly!

Why You Should Consider BigCommerce For Your Online Store in 2017

BigCommerce is a powerful e-Commerce platform with many features that will help you manage your store and streamline your business. Here are just a few of them that make BigCommerce a worthy contender in the e-Commerce field:

  • Complete Store Management- BigCommerce allows you to track your revenue, number of sales, fulfill your orders from a single location and product level inventory management. It also comes with reporting tools that make it easy to stay on top of every important metric.
  • Integration With Leading Payment Providers- BigCommerce integrates with PayPal powered by Braintree, Stripe, Apple Pay, Pay with Amazon, and others.
  • Syncs With All of Your Channels- BigCommerce lets you sync your inventory with Facebook, Pinterest, eBay, Amazon and Square POS, which means your products are exposed to a huge audience.
  • Integration With Third-Party Apps- You can also connect your online store with email marketing tools such as InfusionSoft and MailChimp, as well as accounting software like QuickBooks and various dropshipping, live chat, and marketing services.

15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

5 Tips to Make Your BigCommerce Website Design Great

Once you’ve signed up with a BigCommerce account and found the perfect theme for your online store, you need to ensure your store’s site eCommerce design works in your favor and encourages customers to make a purchase. Here are five killer tips that will help you make your BigCommerce website design great:

1. Large Featured Images

Images play a crucial role for eCommerce websites. They help you present your product and show potential buyers what the product looks like, as well as how it might look when they’re using it. Add large featured images to help your products become the star of your website. Make use of the quick view feature available in themes likeQrack or AP New Fashion.

2. Use a Mega Menu

A mega menu will help you organize your product categories into a clear navigation menu that doesn’t look cluttered and reduces the chances of buyers feeling overwhelmed with different choices. FreshLooks and Modez themes make excellent use of mega menus.

15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

3. Make Your Search Bar Easily Accessible

A search bar that’s easily accessible and filters the results as the buyer types in their search term is another way to make your website more appealing. It provides a better user experience for your potential buyers.

4. Simplify the Checkout Process

Studies show that a complicated checkout process lowers your conversion rate which means you should simplify your checkout process whenever possible. Consider using a one-page checkout or use a progress bar to indicate how many steps are left.

15+ Best BigCommerce Themes: New on ThemeForest (2017)

5. Clearly Display Your Shipping and Return Policies

Online shoppers don’t like unpleasant surprises such as being presented with large shipping costs or strict return policies at the last minute. Make sure they can access them easily at any point in time. A theme like AP Shoes World will help you make your shipping and return policies clearly visible.

Go Big: Launch Your Online Store With BigCommerce!

Creating an online store is easy when you have the right tools to do it. Thanks to a platform like BigCommerce, anyone selling a product can quickly and easily launch their online store in 2017. Also, you canreach an even bigger audience by selling your product on eBay, Amazon, and Facebook through BigCommerce.

To get started, sign up for BigCommerce and choose from one of the manyhigh-quality,beautiful BigCommerce themes that will fit your target audience and your brand. Then, all you have to do is populate the store with your products. Happy selling!