Confused About "em" and "rem"? Try Our New Course

If you’re not sure whether to use em or rem units in your web design projects, our new course is for you. A Visual Guide to “em” and “rem” Units will explain the whole concept to you in simple visual terms with plenty of examples, making it easy for you to decide which approach to take in future.

Confused About “em” and “rem”? Try Our New Course

Confused About "em" and "rem"? Try Our New Course

What You’ll Learn

em and rem are flexible, scalable units of measurement that give you a specific set of benefits when used to size your layouts and typography. Making decisions on which unit to use in which scenarios can be confusing, especially when opinions on “the best way” can differ widely.

Of course, there’s no such thing as “the best way” in all situations; each approach has its pros and cons. In this course, Kezz Bracey will give you a full insight into exactly how these units work and what those pros and cons are. With the new knowledge you acquire, you’ll be fully equipped to decide for yourself on your preferred approach for each new project.

Watch the Introduction

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