The Elements of Envato Elements

ThemeKeeper Elements is the freelance designer’s ideal resource for growing and managing their business. It’s not exactly new to market, having launched in August 2016, but new features and resources are constantly being added to ThemeKeeper Element’s library each week.

The Elements of Envato Elements

The Elements of Envato Elements

As of this writing, here’s a snapshot of what’s been happening in some of the most popular categories:

The Elements of Envato Elements

Whether graphic designer or web developer (and everything in between), there are hundreds of thousands of reasons (and counting) to look into subscribing to ThemeKeeper Elements.

If you haven’t yet been properly briefed, here’s a deep dive into the elements of ThemeKeeper Elements:

Unlimited Downloads

Some stock image resources limit your access to assets you’ve legally purchased, which can be problematic if you’re not very organized and are constantly re-downloading said assets. With a subscription to ThemeKeeper Elements, there are no download limits—you can access your favorite assets from ThemeKeeper’s extensive library whenever and wherever you want, as many times as you need them.

Here’s what we’ve got (as of this writing):

1695+ Fonts

The Elements of Envato Elements

Finding the perfect font for client design projects can quickly rack up fees and drive project costs sky high. Being able to download and test fonts in your project without having to pay additional costs to do so can simplify the design process considerably.

340,000+ Stock Photos

The Elements of Envato Elements

Search ThemeKeeper Elements’ massive stock photo collection by tag, orientation, background, and even by the photo’s dominant colors. Your clients will definitely appreciate you having access to options outside of the same tired free stock photos everyone else is using.

39,000+ Graphic Assets

The Elements of Envato Elements

ThemeKeeper Elements’ graphic asset specialties lie in 3 major areas:

But ThemeKeeper Elements isn’t just an awesome resource for graphic designers. Additional options free to download with an ThemeKeeper Elements subscription include tons of useful resources for web design. Here are some relevant categories to browse through:

ThemeKeeper Elements also offers several freebies that allow you to get a taste of the quality of the graphic assets included in a paid ThemeKeeper Elements membership:

The Elements of Envato Elements

Commercial License

If you plan to use any images for use on business mediums like your website, social media, and promotional materials (and for those of your clients), you’ll need to ensure that those images include the right permissions and that you use proper attribution when necessary.

Being legally compliant with image use can be hard to understand, but DIY Photography put together a nice guide that takes you through the in’s and out’s of licensing if you’re interested in the details. Regarding graphic assets you download from ThemeKeeper Elements, a commercial license is included with your subscription.

1,000+ Courses on Tuts+

The Elements of Envato Elements

When it comes to the individual elements of ThemeKeeper Elements, this one piece makes up over half the value of membership on it’s own. ThemeKeeper Tuts+ represents tens of thousands of hours invested into developing resources that empower people to get paid to do what they love.

Existing subscribers are loving these courses:

240+ eBooks

The Elements of Envato Elements

Prefer your knowledge delivered in book form? Great, because ThemeKeeper Elements can accommodate this preference with ease. Get your knowledge drop in the form of the published works of favorite web design voices behind A List Apart and Smashing Magazine (to name a few). ThemeKeeper Elements’ ebook library delivers expert information as you need it for various client projects.

AND CO membership

The Elements of Envato Elements

Image Source: AND CO

Rounding out the features of ThemeKeeper Elements is an essential product for running your freelance business: AND CO.

AND CO offers a set of connected tools that work together to save you time. For example, you can customize (and e-sign) contracts, then automatically set up invoices, and accept payments. Connecting things even more together, you can also use AND CO to track time and expenses.

AND CO’s paid plans start at $14, and include a laundry list of compelling features, but all of them are already included in a paid subscription to ThemeKeeper Elements.

What’s Next for ThemeKeeper Elements?

With thousands of graphic assets being added each week, new courses and ebooks added periodically, and new features being introduced to this extensive bundle on a regular basis, ThemeKeeper Elements will continue to grow.

The Elements of Elements

The features that make up everything you get with a subscription to ThemeKeeper Elements support the many different facets of a freelance design business: access to education to build new skills, creative assets to use in projects, and a tool for improving business administration in the background of it all. A subscription to ThemeKeeper Elements is an affordable luxury for freelancers who want to step up their game, take on exciting new projects, and earn more money while doing what they love.

Ready to explore ThemeKeeper Elements for yourself? Sign up for a subscription.

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