What Volkswagen, L’Oreal, and Other Big Brands Used From Envato | Famous 5 S3 E3

Welcome to the Famous 5. Our look at five big names or big  brands that have used ThemeKeeper items.

What Volkswagen, L’Oreal, and Other Big Brands Used From Envato | Famous 5 S3 E3


DeLonghi have used the appropriate titled Coffee Afternoon in a set of commercials for the Australian market. They features everyday people in different situations making coffee using a DeLonghi machine. They’re simple and they really work! In fact,  I’m ready for a cup right now.


Buy “Coffee Afternoon” by D1G1T


Opera Browser

Opera Browser have used two ThemeKeeper audio tracks in videos demoing their Opera Touch browser for mobile, and Instant Search feature on desktop. The mobile demo uses Abstraction by rarebeats, which pairs beautifully with the smooth animation and modern color scheme. And the Instant Search demo for its desktop product uses Inspiring Abstract also by rarebeats.


Buy “Abstraction” by rarebeats



Buy “Inspiring Abstract” by rarebeats



L’Oreal Indonesia have used ThemeKeeper audio track Elevate The World by vizion-studios for an ad for its men’s product. Part of its “Break The Routine” series of videos, it shows professional men interacting with colleagues, friends and family as they go through their day at work and at home. It appears to be encouraging men to break up their routine by leaving a moment to take care of themselves. Which, of course, means using a L’Oreal cleanser.


Buy “Elevate the World” by vizion-studios



Nivea Sweden have used an ThemeKeeper audio track in this ad for its men’s body shaving balm. It’s a quick ad, and a kind of strange one. Using stop motion effects to turn the model’s body hair into an animation. At any rate it’s pretty unique. And to top it all off, it’s using Synthwave by Nicolas T.


Buy “Synthwave” by Nicolas_T



And finally, to end this big brands edition, Volkswagen France are using an ThemeKeeper audio track in an ad for the new Volkswagen Polo. Featuring handsome young people driving around from one exciting situation to the next, it shows off the latest update to the popular model of car. It uses FortyTwoStudio’s Modern Indie Rock, and has been viewed on YouTube alone more than 1 million times.


Buy “Modern Indie Rock” by FortyTwoStudio


And that’s this week’s big brand edition of the Famous 5. We’ll be back next time with more ThemeKeeper items used in famous places. Bye bye.


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