New Short Course: Setting Up a Pro Front-End Development Workflow

Want to set up a more efficient workflow for your front-end development? Try our latest course, Setting Up a Pro Front-End Development Workflow. You’ll learn some great tips and tricks that will save you valuable time on routine tasks, allowing you to focus on more important things.

New Short Course: Setting Up a Pro Front-End Development Workflow

What You’ll Learn

Owing to the plethora of tools available nowadays, front-end development has a lower barrier to entry. We can use libraries that enhance the code we write whilst also simplifying it. We can compile and minify Sass or LESS with a single line of code. We can use tools like Grunt to execute as many tasks as we want just by typing a few keywords into the terminal.

Needless to say, to achieve this you must have a basic understanding of how these tools all work, but if that’s not yet the case, you’ve come to the right place.

In this short course, ThemeKeeper Tuts+ instructor Adi Purdila will going to show you how to use Grunt, Bower and several other tools to create a pro front-end development workflow that will save you loads of time when coding.

Watch the Introduction

Take the Course

You can take our new course straight away with a free 10-day trial of our monthly subscription. If you decide to continue, it costs just $15 a month, and you’ll get access to hundreds of courses, with new ones added every week.

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